Zip-lining in Sri Lanka

The thrill of the zip-line is, by far, one of the most sought after bucket list to-dos: a few breathtaking minutes of soaring across mountainous terrain and rivulets, whipping through crisp, tropical air and immersing in nature at its finest. A ride along a steeply inclined cable, initially mounted on a point of elevation, the zip-line offers the perfect balance of adventure and adrenaline rush, as one blurs through the air with an aerial view of the tropic’s best which stretches around and beneath for miles.

Here in Sri Lanka, zip-lining is offered by a line-up of facilitators and travel and tour bodies, some of which include ‘Flying Ravana Mega Zipline’, ‘Ceylon Adventure’, ‘Academy of Adventure’, ‘Che Adventure’, ‘Blue Lanka Tours (Pvt.) Ltd.’ and ‘Kitulgala Adventures’. The distance covered and the height and setting in which zip-lining is conducted in may vary from entity to entity, catering to differing needs and preferences.

Interesting Facts

  • Amongst the riveting expanse of natural features one witnesses within a short period of time may be some of the distinguished highlights of nature in Sri Lanka. ‘Flying Ravana Mega Zipline’ is one such entity which facilitates such an experience, with its zip-lining requiring riders to mount the ride at Mini Adam’s Peak and zip across the infamous Ella Gap.
  • Claimed to be the fastest and longest in South Asia, the zip-line experience at ‘Flying Ravana Mega Zipline’ covers a distance of 550 metres and whips one through the air at a speed of 80 kilometres per hour, at a height of 82 metres.
  • One could additionally place their phone in a waterproof pouch fixed onto the harness so that the entire experience could be captured on camera.
  • The zip-lines at the ‘Flying Ravana Mega Zip-line’ are certified by the ‘European Ropes Course Association’, an experienced professional body that enhances the quality and safety of rope courses.
  • The ‘Academy of Adventure’, another facilitator, offers zip-lining in a more homely setting, designed purely to prep one up for the real world experience of zip-lining.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • Balance comfort with bucket-list desire. For the ultimate experience, opt for a zip-line which works on the height level you’re comfortable with and browse through the credentials of the facilitators, in order to enjoy every single second and not worry about safety.
  • Some zip-lining experiences may require the rider to be of a certain weight and height in order to suit the capacity of the zip-line harness: for example, at ‘Flying Ravana Mega Zipline’, the rider’s height should be between 90 and 210 centimetres whilst the weight should be between 30 and 110 kilograms.
  • Abide by the rules regarding attire, which are in place to ensure a comfortable and safe ride. Skirts, dresses, sarongs (a type of cloth tied around the waist) and loose clothing such as scarfs may not be ideal as they may entangle with the harness and equipment. Recommended will be jeans, shorts, tights, shirts, t-shirts, yoga pants and anything which is not loose. Slippers maybe allowed while fully covered shoes are ideal. Should you have long hair, pack in a hair tie to avoid any mishaps.
  • Check the day’s weather forecast before you book tickets or commence your trip for the possibility of rain or storm. Certain facilitators may offer vouchers in the case of last-minute rainfall or adverse weather which makes it dangerous to zip-line in.
  • The time taken for the ride may differ depending on the type of ride offered by the facilitator and the distance which it covers. The duration of a ride may vary from a couple of seconds to approximately 30 minutes.
  • Individuals under the influence of alcohol or who may be less fit may not be permitted to participate. Additionally, the rules on weight or height requirements may not be negotiated or compromised on for safety reasons.
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