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With the exponential growth of the Spa Ceylon luxury Ayurveda brand across the country, the company has decided to capitalize on the highly sought after skin care market too. ‘White by Spa Ceylon’ is quintessentially an Ayurveda skin care spa and boutique that specialises in dealing with almost any skin problem. Adorned in chic and soothing interior décor, the ambience really does make one sink in the comfy massage tables and just let the time breeze past, while the highly trained staff does their best to satisfy your skin care needs.

Best Known For

  • White by Spa Ceylon is famed for the spa packages and spa treatments that lighten, whiten, hydrate, rejuvenate and exfoliate your skin to be as flawless as it can be.
  • Apart from being a branch dedicated for skin care, you could also indulge in Spa Ceylon’s signature treatments too that have been hailed by many to work wonders on the body.
  • Another feature is the professionalism that is practiced by the highly trained staff in carrying out their tasks, from the receptionist to the masseuse. Should you inquire about the minutiae of the services they provide the staff will be happy to go over the details and even recommend you the perfect solution.
  • When it comes to the self-branded Ayurveda skin care beauty products on sale, there are only few that can match the quality of the products as it incorporates ethically sourced natural ingredients that have been researched on extensively, so you know you are getting the real deal.

Interesting Facts

  • The ‘White’ branding of this particular branch of the Spa Ceylon franchise is the only branch in the country that specializes in skin care.
  • The chic interior décor is quite something to behold too as it really goes with the branch’s name, ‘White’.
  • Moreover, the term ‘White’ really does have a deep meaning that even goes beyond the chic white interior. The brand reflects the message of cleanliness and purification of the skin.
  • Although specializing in skin care, ‘White by Spa Ceylon’ also offers Spa Ceylon’s signature products to purchase along with signature treatments.
  • Many who frequent the spa and boutique are urban folk looking for a spa break amidst their hectic schedule so as to maintain a healthy body.
  • More recently, the boutique section has been frequented by many who are looking to find the ideal gift for their loved ones, due to the many products that are specialized in dealing with particular skin problems and even general skin care wellness.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The spa and boutique is opened daily from 10.00am to 9.30pm.
  • Please do call ahead and make an appointment, since it does get quite crowded during the day.
  • Credit and debit cards are the preferred mode of payment, since the services provided can easily cost five - figure sums.
  • Wear something comfortable when you visit the establishment, especially when you are only getting minor treatments since they do not always give a towel and bathrobe.

All in all, if you are looking to fix those niggling skin problems or looking to just take a break and relax from the fast paced urban lifestyle, then a spa break at ‘White by Spa Ceylon’ is the perfect destination for your urban escape.

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