W Lounge Colombo

Located on the bustling streets of Colombo 7, the W Lounge has become the perfect nightclub to just escape from a hectic day and hangout with friends while having a sip of some refreshing beverages. With some banging music played by the masters of the turn table, all you have got to do is have a good time and dance the night away.

Best Known For

  • W Lounge Colombo is famed for hosting some great themed nights, especially the ‘Ladies Nights’ and the ‘Gents Nights', which always fall on the weekends. Thus enabling one to live in the perfect moment of the night.
  • Apart from the themed weekend nights, the lounge is also known for its great range of cocktails along with local spirits. Moreover, the tapas bites that are prepared by excellent chefs are another feature that is a treat to any party goer.
  • The range of music genres that the resident DJ plays have quickly become a fan favourite to many a party goer, spinning the tunes of reggae, house, hip hop, RnB and trance music.

Interesting Facts

  • W Lounge was initially called ‘Kama Colombo’ and was eventually changed to the current name in 2016.
  • Although the nightclub charges an entry fee for men, it can often be redeemed when purchasing beverages.
  • The location and architecture of the club, from the exterior is built to resemble an old fortress, with its stone structure. What makes the location an interesting feature, is the close proximity to many other cafes and restaurants.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The W Lounge is open daily from 7.00pm to 4.00am.
  • Keep in mind that there is an entrance fee for men, which will cost LKR 1,500 (subject to change).
  • It is also important to make sure you keep to the dress code, which is smart casual.
  • If you do want to inquire more information about the club, call them and they will be happy to provide you the answers you are looking for.

All in all, W Lounge Colombo allows you to enjoy the best of Colombo’s vibrant nightlife with its central location, great ambience, amazing music, exquisite F&B and perfect party atmosphere.

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Entrance for Men
LKR 1,500
Subject to Change


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