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Sri Lanka has long been a melting pot of diverse cultures as a result of colonialism and the islands advantageous geographical location in the Indian Ocean making it a lucrative gateway for trade and commerce. This is reflected in the four major world religions that have taken root and is devoutly practiced by the islanders, as well as in the colourful cultural customs, beliefs, architecture and the many culinary flavours that make up this resplendent land.

Islam in Sri Lanka has its origins in the 7th century, however, much of its practices have not been quite clearly understood by many. The Centre for Islamic Studies (CIS) gives you a great opportunity to understand the common practices and the various rituals of everyday Muslims by conducting Awareness Through Mosque Tours Programs or ATMT programs.

Always wanted to see the inspiration behind the architectural beauty of the mosques? Visit my Mosque Sri Lanka gives you amazing insight by letting you delve into various other aspects of the Islamic faith too, including traditional clothing, cuisine and the architectural aspects of the mosques.

Interesting Facts

  • The mosque tours are conducted in a very open interactive manner that allows you to ask anything you want to know about the religion from knowledgeable tour guides.
  • Many of the mosque tours take place in the ancient mosques found in the country such as the historic Akbar Mosque in Kew Road or the ‘Great Red Mosque’, also known as the Sammankot Mosque Colombo that stands out with its candy striped paintwork in the Pettah shopping precinct.
  • Every mosque tour includes a range of activities including explaining architectural aspects of the mosque such as domes and minarets, a brief history of the mosque, an explanation of the religious activities of the mosque, a demonstration of Islamic Prayers, a walkthrough of posters, gift packs of booklets, traditional Muslim food, Arabic calligraphy of your name and a Henna corner for the ladies.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • There is no particular season as such since the CIS conducts these tours depending on the amount of visitors that have registered for a mosque tour on their site. It is not a must to register, but it certainly eases out things since communication of dates, times and venues is easier.
  • It is important to adhere to the mosque rules and regulations when taking a tour, such as the dress code since it is a place of worship.
  • Visit the website, call them or even visit the CIS situated in Colombo 6, would be best to get the minutiae of the mosque tour programs.

All in all, Visit my Mosque Sri Lanka is certainly a unique opportunity to learn and understand just one of the many religions practiced by a minority ethnic group of Sri Lanka. This Paradise Island is much more than only a place of sun, sand and beaches, but also a gem of diverse ethnic and religious splendour.

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