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The Victoria Golf Club, nestled in the outskirts of the hill capital Kandy, is 500-acres of heaven on earth, where the gentleman’s game of golf is combined with luxurious living. The renowned golf club has become the perfect relaxing getaway for its peaceful and tranquil environment surrounded by lush greenery with some of the more interesting flora and fauna of Sri Lanka. Enjoy club class golfing or maybe go bird watching while trekking through its nature trails. The opportunities are endless here.

Best Known For

  • Situated in Digana, Kandy, its international golf course and facilities make it the perfect place to tee off in style. This is shown in the famous Donald Steel Tournament held annually every February enabling amateurs and professionals to showcase their skills.
  • Apart from golf, the unique golf club is also home to a host of various species of flora and fauna that can be witnessed through its exquisite nature trails.
  • The Victoria Golf Club is also known for facilitating many other activities such as horse riding, hiking, swimming, cycling, croquet, tennis and even having an air rifle and pistol range in its premises.
  • You could also indulge in some luxurious spa treatment like ayurvedic massages to complete that perfect relaxing getaway.

Interesting Facts

  • You might wonder whether this golf club has a rich history due to its increasing popularity, however, it has one of the shortest beginning only in 1999, when the golf course was finally completed.
  • The success of the design has to be credited to Donald Steel (an award winning golf course designer and a pro golfer himself).
  • Throughout the years, the Victoria Golf Club has received many accolades like being voted the ‘Best in Asia 2005’ by Asia Golf Monthly and ranked in the top 100 ‘Most Beautiful Courses in The World’ Golfers Digest.
  • The golf club’s young age is often mistaken due to its rustic and heritage ambiance with many trees lining the fairways, along with untouched slopes.
  • The Golf Club is also home to a PGA Golf Academy and a Pro golf shop, allowing anyone to partake in the great game of golf.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The best time to visit the exquisite golf club is during the months of May to August when the weather is clear and sunny.
  • Prices vary since the golf club offers a host of services. Make sure you give them a call in advance so you can plan out and make the best of your golfing experience.

All in all, the Victoria Golf Club is a haven not only for enthusiastic golfers, but also for those looking for that perfect relaxing getaway amidst the hill.

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