Uptown Kandy

A retail hub coined as the source for high-quality, convenient and the occasionally rare pick of product and service offering, ‘Uptown Kandy’ has, over the years, earned itself the household name as one of the go-to shopping destinations in Colombo. Branched across roughly 850,000 square feet on the 2nd floor of ‘Liberty Plaza’, ‘Uptown Kandy’ lines up a diverse and extensive specialist range of merchandise, exclusively curated not only for the working individual but also for the man and woman of today. For those looking for a more wholesome shopping experience; ‘Uptown Kandy’ positions itself as a one-stop-source, lining up varied service providers merely feet away from each other in addition to cementing itself as what it’s predominantly known for; the benchmark in affordable, quality fashion.

Best Known For

  • A vast range of product: sectioned off into vast areas, each dedicated purely to children, men and women’s clothing, the store lines up thousands of styles varying from casual, party and work wear to sportswear. Each piece is tailored to meet the quality bar of fashion and is reflective of the 21st century need for effortless, age-appropriate, modern and trendy outfits which the working individual can slip into amidst daily hectic schedules. From handbags and accessories to footwear, cosmetics and household items, a line-up of miscellaneous merch, priced affordably for the high standard of product offered, complete the retail experience.
  • Brand diversity: on the international clothing front lines up Louis Philippe, US Polo, Sin, Yonex, Boss, Crocodile, Adidas and Lee Wrangler as well as on a local key, Avirate, Amante, Lee, Emerald, EKKO, Vantage, Signature and Licc allure. A premium watch collection packs in notable names such as Tissot, Balmain, Cassio, Timberland and Ceruti while the sunglass section stocks up in Rayban, Bulgari, Versace and Prada.
  • Varied service offerings: at ‘Uptown Kandy’, a well-rounded retail experience is offered. In addition to its predominant focus on clothing, an almost equal focus is placed on features and amenities that the modern day shopper may like to indulge or optimise during their retail spree. Available on-site will be the store’s very own rejuvenating spa, a sweet corner, an international watch section, cafeteria, book corner and a gelato ice cream space.

Interesting Facts

  • This department store is the Colombo branch of the long-standing ‘Kandy’ retail chain, tucked under the brand name ‘Uptown Kandy’. ‘Kandy’ now operates 4 department stores in Dehiwala, Kadawatha, Kiribathgoda and Wattala. Both are retail properties by the ‘Kandy Group’, with ‘Kandy’ having originally been established in 1988 and ‘Uptown Kandy’ debuting in 2016.
  • The department store was established to fill a market void: the need for modern, age-appropriate stylish clothing which the working man and woman can opt for amidst their daily schedules. The clothing concept reflects a focus on fun, colour and the uncommon element, aiming to stray away from the mainstream styles of fashion generally found in Colombo.
  • The ‘Uptown Kandy’ brand adds their own clothing collections to the offered; these collections are crafted up by a design team assigned purely for the task and covers all key brand retail scopes; affordability, contemporary, uncommon, hassle-free and more importantly, fashionable. Roughly 10 collections by the brand are released annually.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The operating hours for ‘Uptown Kandy’ will be from 9:30am to 8:30pm, from Sunday to Thursday and from 9:30am to 8:30pm, from Friday to Saturday.
  • The store tends to draw in huge turn-outs on weekends and the days leading up to or during a festival, therefore best head over on alternative days for a laid-back shopping experience.

When it comes to quality for affordable price, ‘Uptown Kandy’ delivers. Overall, the department store has indeed established itself as a convenient source of shopping, serving up a bountiful array of products and services all under one roof, all the while strategically located within an even bigger shopping mall, ‘Liberty Plaza’, situated at the very heart of the city’s commercial precinct, Colombo.

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