The Shore by O!

Located on the beachfront of Mount Lavinia, The Shore by O!, a beachside bar cum upscale beach club has become one of the foremost hang out spots for the urban folk of Colombo, due to its central location, amazing ambience and exquisite F&B options to delve into. Frequented by many an individual looking to escape the hubbub of Colombo, the bar proves to be an idyllic location to catch up with your mates or party to the reverberating tunes of a spin master, while you bask in the majestic sunset.

Best Known For

  • The beachside bar is famed for being a favourite to many an individual, be it local or foreign, looking to just chill out and bask in the serene views of the Indian Ocean. Coupled with a repertoire of signature cocktails and tantalising eats, it really does make for a perfect place to cool down.
  • The bar is also known for being an idyllic upscale beach club, as many a master of the turntable lays out a beat that guarantees any patron to gyrate to, on the sandy dance floor, making it a great destination to party as well.

Interesting Facts

  • Established in 2013 on the beachfront location of Mount Lavinia, The Shore by O! has become a popular watering hole to merrymakers, due to its great offerings.
  • Intriguingly, The Shore by O! is the beachside sister of The Floor by O!, its more urban sibling.
  • Similar to its urban sister, The Shore by O! does not disappoint in its offerings, as its ambience, food and beverage offerings still have a great following stemming from many a local, including foreigners.
  • Complete with outdoor seating, a dance floor and room for private functions, the bar certainly gives out that perfect ambience to party in. Couple that with the frequent hosting of themed beach parties, your night will be one to remember.
  • Elevating the status of the bar is its exquisite F&B offerings, especially in the form of the seafood delights and the signature cocktails; go ahead and try out their beer marinated hot butter cuttlefish and ‘pol adi’ cocktail during their happy hours.
  • Being strategically located on the beach front, the bar is a prime location to witness some of the more unhindered and majestic sights of the sun setting in the distant horizon. An ideal way to sit back and sip on that cocktail.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The beachside bar in Mount Lavinia is open daily, however, operating hours do vary on certain days.
  • The Shore by O! operates from 5:00pm to 11:00pm every Monday and Tuesday. One the other hand, the bar operates from 11:00am to 11:00pm on the remaining days.
  • It is useful to keep in mind that the best time to experience the bar’s electric ambience is during the weekends when beach parties are hosted.
  • Do note that the bar has a policy of not serving their alcoholic concoctions and signature cocktails from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.
  • Should you be looking to hang out with your pals, have a few drinks and catch up, The Shore by O! makes the perfect venue.

The Shore by O! does not disappoint in giving that perfect night out with the lads or that much needed down time away from the fast paced life, with its central location and exquisite offerings.

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