The Manchester

Situated in Colombo 7, hidden behind the Agra Indian Restaurant, lies a typical British-influenced pub, simply known as ‘The Manchester’. Playing host to a number of themed nights that have quickly become the talk of the town amongst the expat community, as well as the local urban folk, along with being a prime location to watch Premiership football, night outs with your pals at this bar would certainly be a memorable one.

Best Known For

  • The Manchester is best known for its great ambience during themed nights, especially the open mic nights, quiz nights and live music nights, bringing in that typical British style of revelry to local shores.
  • Couple that with a number of exquisite eats, beverage options and weekend Premier League football, The Manchester certainly makes for the perfect location to have a ball while hanging out with your friends.

Interesting Facts

  • Opened in 2012, aptly named ‘The Manchester’ due to its British influence, the bar has quickly become a popular attraction for the expat community and the local urban folk to have a beer after work and catch up with their mates.
  • Making this bar the talk of the town, is its themed nights, especially the open mic nights every Tuesdays, quiz nights on Wednesdays and live music nights on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Go ahead and try some stand-up comedy or hone those vocals with a song of your choice on open mic nights.
  • Live music entices too, as a lineup of Sri Lanka’s budding artists play music that accentuates the pub’s ambience.
  • The most popular night is the quiz night. Patrons from all walks flock to the pub to sharpen their general knowledge and win some exciting prizes.
  • Premiership football on the weekends entice the sports enthuse too, as the pub possesses a number of TVs that telecast matches in high definition. The idyllic setting to cheer on the team you support.
  • Enjoy the many surprise offers on alcoholic concoctions that are absolutely enticing.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The British influenced pub in Colombo is open daily from 12.00pm to 11.00pm, however, the best time to experience the bar’s unique ambience is during the open mic nights, quiz nights and the live music nights.
  • The pub is also known for providing some great deals on beers, wine and other alcoholic concoctions, especially during the weekends.
  • Keep in mind that this bar is a laid back, casual one, thus having a casual dress code.

Should you be looking to have a little powwow with your pals after a hectic day or looking to support your team at a big game, The Manchester proves to be one of the perfect bars to hit it up in Colombo.

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