The Love Bar

Adorned in a vibrancy that instantly transports you from the everyday mundane, The Love Bar, located in trendy Colombo 7, takes its inspiration from a fabled love story between a colonial elite and local maiden, making it an ideal location to wine and dine with your significant other or just chill out with your friends. Coupled with a number of libations, exquisite culinary delectables, along with rambunctious themed events almost every weekend, The Love Bar is everything you want for a perfect night out.

Best Known For

  • The Love Bar is famed for being one of the more unorthodox, but more vibrant bars in Colombo, due to its unique interior that incorporates a kaleidoscope of post-colonial design with a touch of the contemporary.
  • Accentuating the unique interior are the number of exquisite pick-me-ups and lip smacking tapas. Couple that with spin masters laying out some thumping beats, you really are in party heaven.

Interesting Facts

  • The Love Bar is the rooftop bar of the Flamingo House restaurant that was established in 2016.
  • Inspired by the fabled love story of colonial elite, Sir Alfred Clarke and daughter of a local businessman, Satywati.
  • The story goes that Sir Alfred Clarke attempted to recreate the lake of flamingos that Satywati saw in a recurring dream of her father, at the Farnham Estate in Lindulla.
  • It is this moving story of love that drapes the walls of this unique bar and is signified with the number of murals depicting the dream, complete with pink flamingos.
  • Combined with post-colonial and postmodern design, the bar’s ambience is further accentuated during the many themed nights it hosts and weekends.
  • Apart from the alluring story of the design of the bar, the bar offers some amazing features to have a scrumptious dinner with your significant other.
  • Such features are the neon lit terraces and romantic al fresco dining spaces, looking onto the horizon of Colombo’s sky line.
  • The Love Bar boasts of some exquisite alcoholic concoctions; go ahead and try out their distinctive Flamingo Rosa, you will not regret it.
  • Couple those libations with a tapas menu of variety and international flavour, The Love Bar certainly delivers.
  • In addition to its great food, beverages and all round ambience, the bar is known for hosting some of the more hip and happening themed nights almost every weekend, allowing many a merrymaker to flock onto the rooftop bar and bask in the good vibes.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The upscale bar in Colombo is open daily from 6.00pm to 3.00am, however, the best time to experience the bar’s vibrant ambience is during the late hours of the weekend and during themed events.
  • If you are looking to organise a party for your friends or significant other, The Love Bar certainly does make for an ideal location, as the management allows the reservation of the bar for private functions. All you have to do is inquire through phone.
  • The bar also has a happy hour that is in effect from the early hours of the evening, where many libations and other alcoholic concoctions can be purchased at bargain prices.

Should you be looking to escape from the everyday mundane and experience a unique slice of Colombo’s nightlife or just wine and dine with your significant other, The Love Bar is the place to be.

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