The Floor by O!

One of the more excellent rooftop bars in Colombo, The Floor by O! is just one of the few bars around the world with a Guinness World Record under its belt. Known for its variety of cocktails and other alcoholic offerings, amazing food of international flavour and enlivening ambience The Floor by O! is certainly one unique bar to visit on your quest to experience Colombo’s vibrant nightlife.

Best Known For

  • The Floor by O! is famed for being the only Guinness World Record holding bar in the country that serves up the largest number of cocktails, perfect for the merrymaker looking to try some unorthodox concoctions.
  • Coupled with the amazing ambience, interior, outdoor seating and hosting of vibrantly themed nights, The Floor by O! certainly fits the bill for many a merrymaker to revel in.

Interesting Facts

  • Ever since its inception, the bar has attracted many an urban folk looking to have that down time after a hard day’s work or just catch up with a few pals.
  • Drawing in crowds from around the world are its cocktails that will definitely take more than a night to try them all.
  • Catering to local and foreign palates, its vast array of cocktails have made the bar achieve the Guinness World Record for the largest number of cocktails available.
  • Apart from the pick-me-ups on offer, the bar’s design of eclectic mixes of modern and post-modern designs, further accentuate the ambience.
  • One such unique design is the outdoor poolside terrace that allows the patron to witness swimmers going about their lengths and cricketers playing an exhilarating match.
  • Being one of the prime bars in Colombo, the bar plays host to a number of themed nights, complete with a master at the turntable and even includes live bands, making that time with your friends all the more exciting.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • This Guinness World Record holding bar is open daily from 11.00am to 12 midnight, however, it is during the weekends and themed nights that pub really comes to life.
  • Do take the opportunity to drop in during their daily happy hours that run from 5.00pm to 7.00pm, as the bar provides enticing discounts on a number of cocktails and tantalising delectables.
  • Do note that although, entrance for men is LKR 2,000 after 6.00pm, it can vary when the bar is hosting a themed night.
  • Keep in mind that the entrance ticket is redeemable on the purchase of cocktails and other alcoholic concoctions.
  • It is also important to keep in mind that the bar has a strict dress code, therefore it is imperative that you stick to the smart casual dress code.

The Floor by O! then with its ambience, hosting of amazing themed nights and the availability of a number of cocktails that earned it a Guinness World Record is a treat of a venue.

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LKR 2,000

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