Sky Diving

One of the more recently introduced adventure activities in the country, Sky Diving in Sri Lanka has quickly become one of the more sought after activities in the Paradise Island for the adrenaline junkie. Boasting of a number of courses to become an expert sky diver yourself, the introduction of the activity certainly has injected more adventure into the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

With the increase in influx of tourism to the Paradise Island, the adventure tourism market grew exponentially with the introduction of newer activities and sports catered to the adrenaline junkie. One such recent addition to the island’s repertoire of adventure tourism activities, is the introduction of sky diving.

Experiencing a bird’s eye view of the Paradise Island’s rustic grandeur below, with the rush of adrenaline flowing within your body, while the cold air rushes around your body, what better way to cap off your adventurous time in the Pearl of the Indian Ocean?

Interesting Facts

  • Adventure sports sky diving for the masses was only introduced to the country in the year of 2016 and was an instant hit for tourists and locals alike.
  • Starting with the guidance of experienced military personnel, along with expert recreational divers, in collaboration with other international organisations geared to promoting the adventure activity, sky diving in Sri Lanka operates in various parts of the island.
  • Presently, the activity can be performed in Habarana, Koggala and even in the Cultural Triangle village of Sigiriya through a number of events organised by adventure companies, thus declaring Sri Lanka to be the premier destination for sky diving in South East Asia.
  • Making it more enticing to the masses are the myriad of sky diving packages on offer that enable even the novice to become an expert, such as solo para diving for the more experienced, tandem sky diving, tandem jump coaching and military sky diving training, a few of the prominent services amongst many.
  • Following international guidelines for safety and precaution, you are covered in all aspects when partaking in the adventure sport.
  • Upon taking to the skies, it is possible to witness the notable attractions of the place from a bird’s eye view in the distance. It becomes all the more exhilarating when taking the plunge from 10,000-feet. Perfect for the adrenaline junkie.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • Since sky diving is a weather dependent activity, seasons can vary. However, the latter months of the year often prove to be the ideal times to partake in the activity due to favourable weather conditions.
  • The maximum weight that can be taken when partaking in a tandem sky dive is 110-kilograms.
  • In addition to the weight, closed shoes are compulsory, along with a minimum age of 7 years with parental guidance.
  • You could also gift a voucher for a free sky dive to your friend or family member, should you opt for a more unique gift.
  • Payments can be made via credit or debit cards.

Looks like ticking of sky diving off your bucket list just got easier. Boasting of services of the highest standards in the world of sky diving, where else than the Pearl of the Indian Ocean?

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