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The tradition of the loom takes its roots at the very inception of Sri Lankan history, however, it has lost its place due to the fast paced technology driven world of today that has, somewhat, tainted the Sri Lankan tradition. Selyn Handlooms is a unique handloom company in Sri Lanka that has its sights set in restoring the dying Sri Lankan craft by creating a platform for skilled artisans to practice their art and obtain a reasonable income to live comfortably. Boasting of an exquisite collection of authentic Sri Lankan handloom products and operating on the principles of the World Fair Trade Organisation, expect nothing but the best in quality from Selyn Handlooms.

Best Known For

  • Selyn Handlooms is famed for possessing an array of traditionally weaved handloom clothes such as traditional saris, handloom kurtas, handloom sarongs and handloom shirts with unique design for the entire family.
  • The handloom company has also diversified itself, showcasing handloom accessories like costume jewellery made from recycled material, a home collection boasting of some exquisite handloom curtains, making it your one stop shop for unique, ‘one of a kind’ products.

Interesting Facts

  • It all started with the initiative of an inspiring individual, Sandra Wanduragala, in 1991 with only 15 other women in the village in Kurunegala that practiced the dying art of weaving handloom.
  • After reaching monumental success, the company was recognized by the World Fair Trade Organisation and still remains the only handloom company in the country that is a guaranteed Fair Trade establishment.
  • This was achieved due to the many workshops located in the rural areas around the country that provide a reasonable livelihood for the men, women and children that practice the unique art.
  • Moreover, these centres allow these artisans to feel part of a community and partake in leadership and entrepreneurship skills. Thus adding value to not only their products, but also to their lives.
  • Due to the exemplary handloom clothing products, Selyn Handlooms entered the accessories and home collection market and has been a success since it began. Its high quality handloom products now include handloom soft toys for children too.
  • Presently, Selyn Handlooms has expanded its reach into other areas, including Colombo, Negombo, Kandy and Dambulla and is frequented by many locals and foreigners.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • All branches of the handloom company are open daily, however, the operating hours vary in each branch, so just research on the branch closest to you.
  • Credit and debit cards are accepted here, so your transactions will be quick and easy.
  • Being the only Free Trade guaranteed Handloom Company in Sri Lanka, prices here are actually quite competitive, reasonable and worth all the money spent.

With Selyn’s operating model of giving back to the community and providing high quality handloom products to the masses, Selyn Handlooms proves to be an establishment that allows the preservation of something that is essentially Sri Lankan.

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Location info

Selyn Handlooms - Flagship Store, Fife Road

Selyn Handlooms - Kurunegala

Selyn Handlooms - Negombo

Selyn Handlooms - Kandy

Selyn Handlooms - Badagamuwa

Selyn Handlooms - Gimanhala Hotel, Dambulla



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