Ramboda Falls

Nestled in the central highlands of the Nuwara Eliya District, the Ramboda Falls is a unique waterfall in the country as it is really 2 waterfalls in one location, plunging from a staggering height of more than 100-metres and surrounded by the lush green forests of the hill country. It serves to be a great landmark and resting spot for the weary traveller journeying about the Sri Lankan up country, as its serene views and pleasant restaurants really do soothe ruffled feathers.

Best Known For

  • The Ramboda Falls is known for being one of the best waterfalls in up country Sri Lanka that provide surreal natural sceneries of the mountains draped in the evergreen landscape of tea plantations, making it one of the ideal places to capture some amazing shots of the central highlands of Sri Lanka with your camera.

Interesting Facts

  • The Ramboda Falls is just one of the few falls in Sri Lanka that possesses a height of more than 100-metres, 109-metres to be specific.
  • Due to its staggering height, the waterfall is ranked 11th in the country and is ranked 729th in the world.
  • Although called the Ramboda Falls, it really is 2 separate waterfalls that have 2 different sources.
  • One cascade is the Puna Falls that has its source from the Puna Oya and the second cascade is called the Dunsinane Falls that has its source from the Pundalu Oya.
  • Due to Ramboda Falls twinning with two falls, the falls, as a whole, forms a distinctive ‘Y’ shaped waterfall, making it a ‘one of a kind’ waterfall in the country.
  • Another feature of interest of the falls is the difference in the ferocity of the cascades, as the Puna Falls maintains almost the same flow throughout the year, while the Dunsinane Falls shrinks to a little dribble during the dry season, making it quite a unique natural phenomenon.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The waterfall in Sri Lanka can be witnessed throughout the year, however, it is during the rainy months from October to December that bring out the falls’ vibrancy, as the cascade plunges ferociously down to the rocky outcrops.
  • Witnessing these falls is actually not that difficult, as it can be easily seen from the A5 highway, near the Pussellawa area. There are ways of viewing the falls at a closer distance, however, it is best to ask the locals or your tour guide, since it can be quite a dangerous venture.
  • It is possible to see the tributaries of the falls too, however, that does require walking up and down the road.
  • Do go have a sumptuous snack too at the nearby restaurants and reminisce about the evergreen surroundings of the magnificent waterfall.
  • Please keep the surroundings clean and refrain from bringing polythene.

In conclusion, the Ramboda Falls is once again that picturesque waterfall in the hill country of Sri Lanka you really cannot ignore while travelling about the Paradise Island, due to its amazing landscapes and blissful cascade.

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