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Located inland from the historic Galle Fort, Queens Salon stands as one of the best salons in all of Galle. The Queens Salon certainly lives up to its name of being an establishment fit for royalty, as the salon provides a number of world class services under the direction of professionally trained and certified staff, guaranteeing nothing but perfection in glam and beauty.

Best Known For

  • The Queens Salon is famed for being one of the premier salons in Galle that provide a portfolio of services, ranging from bridal, hair care, make-up, skin care, foot and nail care to even hair removal. Thus allowing one to enhance that radiant natural beauty.

Interesting Facts

  • A brainchild by renowned beautician, Gayani Meddawatta, the Queens Salon was established in 2006, with the sole intention of being the best salon in all of Galle by providing exquisite beauty services.
  • Fast forward to the contemporary period and the Queens Salon has become a go-to establishment for ladies looking for that perfect treatment to look glamorous on their special day.
  • At present the Queens Salon’s more notable services are Bridal Dressing, Make Up, Hair Ironing, Re-bonding, Relaxing, Straightening, Perming, Head Massage, Oil Treatments, Conditioner Treatment, Scalp Treatments, Herbal Facials and Aroma Therapy Facials.
  • The salon also boasts of spa-like services too such as Spa Pedicures and Spa Manicures, making the salon all the more comprehensive, catering to all the beauty needs of the individual of today.
  • Moreover, the Queens Salon is known for utilising internationally renowned products in their treatments under the direction of professionally trained and certified beauticians, further guaranteeing the quality of their services.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The salon in Galle is open 24 hours throughout the year, making it all the more convenient.
  • They do have quite a portfolio of services on offer, however, the staff will advice you in selecting the ideal treatment for you.
  • It is recommended that you arrange an appointment beforehand with the salon, as it is quite crowded throughout the day.
  • It is best to be present at the salon at least 15 minutes before the appointment, so as to make sure the services are done on time.
  • All credit and debit cards are accepted here so as to make transactions all the more easier.

The Queens Salon, with its wide range of services offered and ensured quality of service makes it one of the more sought after salons in Galle.

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Queens Salon - P&J City Building



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