Park Street Mews

Situated in central Colombo 2, Park Street Mews is a 365 day hub of hustle and bustle, as the street is a promise of great food, entertainment and uplifting ambience, making it an important venue to include in your list of things to do in Colombo. Possessing some of the finest eateries and playing host to some of the more popular events in all of Colombo, Park Street Mews is a street for anyone and everyone.

Best Known For

  • Park Street Mews is famed for being one of the trendier places in the cosmopolitan scape that is home to some of Colombo’s renowned restaurants, cafés and bars, ideal for the food connoisseur looking to try out a flurry of international flavour.
  • The event and dining venue is further known for being a venue of entertainment too, as Park Street Mews plays host to a number of parties, weddings and musical events, making it a pulsating venue that is ideal to just have a great time.

Interesting Facts

  • Park Street Mews is not really a street, but more of a lane within the actual Park Street of Colombo 2.
  • The small lane is crowded with a number of establishments, ranging from eateries to fashion and spas, thus making it an idyllic place for one and all.
  • Presently, Park Street Mews is home to renowned establishments such as the Park Street Mews Restaurant and Curve Bar, which are subsequently owned by the Harpo’s Group.
  • Move further in the bustling lane and you will come across more of Colombo’s finest eateries, such as Café Français, Park Street Trattoria, Kuuraku, Chambers, Monsoon and Butter Boutique.
  • Making it all the more enticing is the presence of The Boutique by Sonali Dharmawardena, which allows you to experience a little bit of fashionable retail therapy, while you partake in some fine dining.
  • You could also let your hair down and relax, as a branch of Spa Ceylon provides you with the perfect treatment to take your mind off the fast paced, tiring urban lifestyle.
  • Apart from the fine eateries, retail therapy and comfort, the street is also famed for playing host to reverberating events throughout the year.
  • ‘The Stables’, with its spacious interior, makes it possible to transform the place into the ideal venue to party, host a conference or even host a wedding.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • Park Street Mews is open daily, however, the hours of operation do differ from eatery to eatery. Therefore, it is best to research beforehand on the exact place you want to visit.
  • There are quite a number of events held at the bustling street and occur quite frequently, therefore keep in touch with their website or their updated Facebook page.
  • It has been identified that the best time to visit the bustling street, is during the time of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, as the venue drapes itself in all things festive.
  • If you are looking to host an event yourself, you could call and inquire from the event manager for the available dates on which the venue is free.

Park Street Mews then, with all its exquisite eateries and ideal venue for events, is a street which never sleeps and is a never-ending place of excitement; so head on down to the street with your friends and family for you are guaranteed to have a good time.

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