Sri Lanka is becoming a favourite among many a traveller, as many organisations have literally taken to the skies to satisfy the hunger of the adventure traveller. One such venture is the introduction of Paramotoring into the repertoire of air sports available in Sri Lanka.

Flying over the serenity of the Bentota Beach, the adventure buff can rediscover the majestic seaside hamlet of Bentota, while soaring 1,000 feet above the ground, along the coastline. Coupled with the mellow vibes of the town, the salty sea breeze and the blue sky above you, feel the adrenaline rush as you take in the breathtaking view of the coastline.

Providing some of the most awe inspiring images of the Paradise Island’s coastline, gliding high amidst blue skies with a team of professionally trained pilots, gives a different perspective of the seaside hamlet of Bentota; bird’s aren’t the only feathered animals that can fly and witness the majestic grandeur of the azure ocean on one side and the rustic tranquility of the coastal hamlet on the other.

Interesting Facts

  • Paramotoring in Sri Lanka was introduced only recently by a handful of entrepreneurs, however, it has quickly become a popular adventure activity to many a traveller, be it local or foreign.
  • Paramotoring is an intriguing and unusual activity that requires a chassis, a large propeller, a large parachute and a trained pilot that goes tandem with you.
  • Due to the independent power provided by the engine that powers the propeller and parachute, the machine does not need to depend on any form of thermals or winds.
  • Gliding over the hamlet with the Indian Ocean on one side and the mellow town on the other, it really gives a different perspective of Sri Lanka’s coastline.
  • Conducted by professionally trained pilots who have undergone rigorous training, you are assured of safety in all forms.
  • If you are more of a dare devil, you could also partake in a solo flying course that will allow you to go paramotoring alone, making it all the more exhilarating.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • It is highly suggested that you look into the weather conditions and arrive at the venue as early as possible, since there are many safety briefings and precautions that need to be taken.
  • Do note that the activity is highly dependent on the weather conditions of the area.
  • Please listen and adhere to the briefings of the pilots.
  • Do bring a long your GoPro, as you will be able to witness the Bentota Beach in a completely different perspective that would make for perfect snaps.
  • If you are interested in obtaining a license to fly solo, do inquire from the organisation.
  • Please be clad in comfortable clothing and make sure you are wearing closed toe shoes.
  • It is also important to refrain from wearing any valuables like jewellery, since the rush of wind could prove to be quite strong.

The introduction of paramotoring in Sri Lanka has certainly injected that adrenaline rush and takes adventure travelling to new heights. Witnessing the serene coastline of Sri Lanka with all its rustic grandeur and beauty, soaring like a bird, what more could you ask for?

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