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Housed in an old mansion, the Paradise Road flagship store has become a premier brand in the souvenir industry and home décor in Colombo boasting of some of the most unique and contemporary Sri Lankan handicrafts and handpicked antiques. With extensive experience in the field of contemporary Sri Lankan design, Paradise Road is considered to be one of the few boutique stores that produce crafts with international quality and design in mind, while maintaining the timelessness and local aesthetics of the Paradise Island. A simple glance around the store will always enthrall the design connoisseur with the many products on display.

Best Known For

  • The Paradise Road flagship store is famed for being one of the more exquisite homeware stores in the country, boasting of ‘one of a kind’ pieces of furniture and art, combined eclectically with contemporary international design and the unique aesthetics of Sri Lanka.
  • A great number of local handicrafts, antiques, clothing, gifts, crockery and many more products have caught the eye of many tourists and locals alike, due to the high quality and the intricate details of the items, making it a perfect place to purchase a memento to mark your journey across the Paradise Island.

Interesting Facts

  • It all started in 1987, when Udayshanth Fernando moved back to Sri Lanka from Australia to create a brand name that will be synonymous with island life in the households of many Sri Lankans and to the large influx of tourists too.
  • Starting small in a little boutique shop in Cinnamon Gardens, the shop initially sold unique antiques and intricate handicrafts resulting in monumental success due to the quality and intricacy of the products.
  • The resounding success led to the establishment of the current flagship store in 1994 and many other subsidiary stores, art galleries, restaurants and even boutique hotels, located in Colombo and Bentota in subsequent years. The Paradise Road brand has become a leading local design brand in Sri Lanka.
  • Presently, the Paradise Road flagship store has a diverse range of products, including clothing, crockery, porcelain products and even furnishings to spruce up your dwelling.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • Operating hours of the store is generally from 10:00am to 7:00pm daily.
  • Credit and debit cards are accepted, so your transactions can be done quickly and easily.
  • Initially you might have second thoughts to purchase any of the products due to the hefty price tags. However, a closer look into the intricate detail, quality and the manufacturing process of the products will definitely make all the money spent worthwhile.

All in all, if you are looking to find that perfect souvenir to take home or something contemporary for your home, the Paradise Road flagship store is certainly an establishment that should not be ignored by anyone.

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