Outdoor Training and Motivational Exercise Programmes

Looking for team-building and corporate training programmes on the island?

Here’s a breakdown of what’s on offer.

A combination of sporting thrill and skill-tests packed with adrenaline. Adventure-based training programmes are exclusively designed to further character development and team-building amongst corporate and institutional teams, with some even open opening its doors to families. A carefully curated set of activities awaits, which play on each and every participant’s strengths and weaknesses, capabilities and potential. Make your way through the set-list of challenges and tasks, through the exhilarating wilderness or on urban ground, under the direction of field professionals and amongst a team which is guaranteed to have your back.

Best Known For

  • An adventurous element: certain training programmes run on the extreme end of the sports spectrum. Activities such as paintball, zip-lining, archery, white water rafting, cycling, high rope adventures and hiking are designed to put one’s endurance and team-playing skills to the test.
  • Team-building activities. Some of the programmes integrate in stretching and trust exercises, ice-breakers, interactional to-dos and camping.
  • A setting of nature. Edged with an outdoor element, the programmes immerse one in nature’s best, with the specific training site differing in accordance with the host facilitator you choose; from the wooded terrains of ‘CHE Adventure Park’ to the river-and-jungle experience of ‘Kitulgala Adventures’.
  • Fostering individual and team growth: predominantly, the main objective for the programme is the development of intellectual, moral and physical attributes, both personally and towards team members. The training covers varied aspects of character and team development such as leadership, teamwork, self-discovery, efficiency and the attitude and mindset with which you position yourself as a valued member of a corporate team and a productive member of society.

Interesting Facts

  • The American reality-adventure series, ‘The Amazing Race’, is franchised to ‘Adventure Education’, one of the outdoor training programme facilitators in Sri Lanka. This company conducts a race based on the award-winning series for corporates.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • Certain programme offerings such as ‘CHE Adventure Park’ and ‘Kitulgala Adventures’ may also be flexible and mobile: its facilitators may custom-make a training event in line with corporate requirements, be it for a particular time duration or to be conducted at a particular site.
  • For the programmes which take place at a far-off destination or is inclusive of camping, the participants’ package generally covers refreshments, camping or accommodation facilities, safety and technical gear, photography coverage, transportation, essential permits, medical facilities as well as the guidance of well-versed experts in the field.
  • The registration fee may differ in accordance with a number of factors such as the number of training days, the nature of activities and the training destination.
  • Some programmes may require a fixed minimum number of participants.
  • Best check the weather forecast for the predicted climate on the day of the programme before signing up for it, for the conditions could affect the training.
  • Ensure that you carry the necessities, a change of clothes in case of swimming, appropriate footwear and clothing for comfortable participation in hours of adrenaline-pumping activity amongst nature.
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