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From typical wooden elephant ornaments to the more intricately carved wooden traditional masks, Oak Ray Wood Carving boasts of one of the more comprehensive wood carving collections in Sri Lanka. The ‘Oak Ray’ brand, primarily catering to the hospitality needs of tourists has diversified its name into the niche of handicrafts and has quickly become a go-to establishment to find that perfect memento of your journey around the Paradise Island of Sri Lanka.

Best Known For

  • The Oak Ray Wood Carving is famed for producing intricately handcrafted woodcarvings, wooden statues, wooden sculptures and even wooden furniture to make your dwelling authentically Sri Lankan.
  • Produced in workshops in close proximity to the main showrooms, the establishments are also known for producing fine arts and crafts using traditional techniques, dating back to the ancient kingdoms that thrived in the country, making it all the more authentic.

Interesting Facts

  • The Oak Ray Wood Carving is a subsidiary of the Oak Ray Hotels and Restaurants that was established in 2002, renowned for its luxurious hotels across the country.
  • Ever since its entrance into the hospitality market, the brand has expanded into a number of niche markets, such as restaurants and handicrafts.
  • Producing traditional Sri Lankan arts and crafts, Oak Ray Wood Carving maintains high standards in its manufacturing process, as many of its artisans utilize ancient techniques that are proven to give that timeless finish and longevity.
  • Presently, Oak Ray Wood Carving possesses a wide collection of handcrafted woodcarvings, wooden statues, traditional masks and even wooden furniture produced in its very own workshops.
  • Go ahead and tour the workshop, as many of the artisans showcase the delicate touch adopted to produce such vibrant crafts.
  • Many of its wood products are crafted in ethically sourced teak timber.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • All branches of Oak Ray Wood Carving are open daily from 8.00am to 5.30pm.
  • Depending on the scale of the purchase, be it a large product or large quantity, you could opt for delivery right to your home country, along with getting some discounts too.
  • You do have to negotiate though to get the best possible price.
  • Do keep in mind that all credit and debit cards are accepted, so as to make transactions of the masterfully crafted wood products all the more smoother.

Looking for that ideal souvenir to take back home after a memorable journey across the Pearl of the Indian Ocean? Oak Ray Wood Carving certainly fits those requirements, as it boasts of a number of unique and exquisite traditional woodcrafts of Sri Lanka.

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