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Sri Lanka is known for the many places that are reminiscent to other parts of the world, especially when looking at places like Negombo (Little Rome) and Nuwara Eliya (Little England). One of the lesser known places that is reminiscent to another country is the mountain town of Ambewela in greater Nuwara Eliya, aptly nicknamed ‘Little New Zealand’. It really does show, with the many cattle farms that produce the country’s much loved dairy products. One such dairy farm in the area is the very famous New Zealand Farm that, once you step inside, will instantly teleport you to the evergreen grassy pastures of the very country itself.

Best Known For

  • The New Zealand Farm is famed for the unique picturesque views of the countryside’s green grassy pastures, perfect for the breeding of farm animals and livestock. Thus taking you away from the usual tea estates that envelope the country’s highlands.
  • More recently, the farm has also been at the forefront of sustainable energy, especially focusing on the harnessing of wind energy with massive windmills. A glance at the colossal windmills will make anyone wonder if they have suddenly been transported to the country sides of Netherlands or Denmark. In other words, the farm is really an eclectic mix of all things rustic, natural and sustainable, perfect for a family excursion, in order to get away from the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle.

Interesting Facts

  • The New Zealand Farm was actually established during the 1960s by the British colonialists and the New Zealand government to produce much needed dairy products for the country.
  • The farms span over 1,500 acres of green pastures spreading far and wide, further dotted with brown, black and white cows twice the size of the average cow in Sri Lanka.
  • This is due to the special raring of Ayrshire cattle and Friesian cows that are the same species bred in the farms of New Zealand and elsewhere around the world.
  • The farm is also known to be one of the more state of the art farms in the country, as it boasts of up to date technology and facilities, for animals to produce the best quality dairy products.
  • The automated milking process is one such technological innovation that has further increased the quality and standard of the products.
  • More recently, due to its location 6,064 feet above sea level, with winds occasionally reaching speeds of up to 12 metres per second, it is ideal for wind farming.
  • This has allowed many developers to invest in the New Zealand Farm by providing massive windmills to harvest sustainable energy.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The dairy farm in Nuwara Eliya is open daily form 9:00am to 6:00pm, however, do take note that the farms are open for public viewing depending on the wellbeing of the animals.
  • Due to this it is best to contact the farm or ask a tour company to arrange a tour for you, since they will find you the perfect times to visit the farms.
  • There is a farm shop near the entrance and it would be a shame if you were to leave without purchasing some of the products, fresh off the farm.

Enthrall in the green grassy pastures of Sri Lanka’s highlands at the New Zealand Farm, where cattle come to graze and produce much loved dairy products. Understand the state of the art process of dairy farming, have a glass of the farm’s fresh milk and bask in the peaceful splendour of Sri Lanka’s exquisite countryside.

Title image by: Roshie Kahandawela The information displayed is provided by New Zealand Farm


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