Mosh Aesthetic Lounge

Recognised as the country’s most sought after and effective Beauty and Body Slimming Centre. The Mosh Aesthetic Lounge is a specialist when it comes to hydrating, rejuvenating, slimming and relaxing the entire body. Utilising the best oils, balms and ointments, along with some of the most effective techniques that works wonders to the body, pamper your body with the ultimate experience in health and wellness with Mosh Aesthetic Lounge.

Best Known For

  • The skin care lounge in Colombo is famed for its exemplary spa treatments that puts life back into your body.
  • Such spa treatments that have gained exclusive notoriety to the masses are the comprehensive skin and beauty treatments, slimming and toning treatments, aromatherapy and the territorial massages.
  • Another highlighting feature of the aesthetic lounge is the beauty consultation services provided by the expert staff to give you the best possible solution to protect your body from any harmful problem.

Interesting Facts

  • Although the services provided are quite straight forward to any patron, it really is quite complex since there are many intricacies that have to be undertaken to give any patron the best experience possible.
  • The treatments that come under skin and beauty alone have eight treatments, treatments that fall under slimming and toning have nine.
  • Apart from revitalising the body, the skin care lounge cum spa provides holistic treatments that incorporate rituals with a blend of science and natural ingredients.
  • Many of the treatments are conducted with the precision of purpose built machines that really do an instant job for you. Being clinically proven, the high tech machines are non - invasive and non - surgical and gives you no side effects.
  • The Mosh brand is also known for its beauty salons and bridal salons too that are located elsewhere, justifying its status as one of the most sought after grooming and wellness brands in the country.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • Mosh Aesthetic Lounge is opened daily from 9.30am to 7.00pm.
  • Do make sure you call ahead and make an appointment since the lounge is quite booked.
  • If you are finding it difficult to understand the services provided along with the costs involved, just inquire about it from any of the professional staff and they will be happy to give all the necessary information.
  • Credit and debit cards are accepted here, so paying for the exclusive services will not be a problem.

If you are looking to rectify a skin problem, protect your skin, shape up your body to stand out from the crowd or even relax yourself into therapeutic nirvana, Mosh Aesthetic Lounge has proven time and time again to be the ideal solution providing cutting edge remedies to all beauty related dilemmas.

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