Majestic City Shopping Mall and Cineplex

Opened in 1991 and widely regarded as Sri Lanka’s first major shopping mall, the Majestic City Shopping Mall and Cineplex (more popularly known as ‘MC’) has been synonymous with the urban folk of Colombo since its inception. Home to a great many retail outlets, entertainment options and even a great food court serving up some amazing international cuisine, the shopping mall is the perfect place for the shopaholic and a place for the one looking for some downtime with some friends. The shopping mall is further accentuated by the recent construction of a Cineplex within the premises that premieres major box office hits, making it perfect for the enthusiastic cinema goer as well.

Best Known For

  • The Majestic City Shopping Mall and Cineplex is famed for having some of the best in retail that serve every individual, from the one looking for designer brands to the more budgeted shopper and also to the one looking for those everyday needs.
  • One of the most notable retailers are the many clothing stores that have become well known for their reasonable rates and high quality products.
  • The mall cum theatre is also known for the food court that specializes in a range of international cuisine that can be bought at reasonable rates. Moreover, its spacious setting makes it ideal for anyone to just ‘hang out’ with your mates and reminisce about the good old days.
  • The spacious lobby too is known for having some great pieces of entertainment, especially during the seasonal times.
  • However, the centerpiece of its notoriety in entertainment is its Cineplex that premieres blockbuster hits with the latest 3D technology, making for an amazing cinema experience.
  • Children too have a great time at the P. G. MARTIN WONDERWORLD amusement centre, located at the basement, which boasts of an array of arcade games and fun activities to pass the time when the gown ups are up shopping.

Interesting Facts

  • The shopping mall in Colombo has quite an interesting history that goes back to 1991, when the founding chairman, the late Albert Page, decided to establish an ‘all in one’ recreational centre for the public to enjoy their downtime from the hustle and bustle of the urban lifestyle.
  • It was a slow progress, as the complex initially functioned as your typical shopping mall, with a number of shops, a supermarket, a bank, a restaurant, fast food outlets, offices, apartments and a basement car park taking their place in the complex.
  • It was in 1994 that a luxury cinema was made for the avid cinema goer to experience major international blockbuster hits.
  • More recently, the cinema underwent a major renovation in 2008 to suit the increasing demand for 3D movies. The end result being an ever increasing influx of cinema patrons.
  • Presently, the Majestic City Shopping Mall and Cineplex is home to more than 90 shops that range from your usual everyday goods to those high valued products, including jewellery. Moreover, it is also home to a great kiddies play area in the form of the P. G. MARTIN WONDERWORLD amusement centre, a spacious food court and four cinema halls in the upper floors using the latest in 3D cinema technology to showcase the best of the silver screen.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The Majestic City Shopping Mall and Cineplex is opened throughout the year from 9.00am to 9.00pm.
  • The shops within the mall, however, open and close at varying times.
  • Most shops do accept credit and debit cards as a form of payment, so you do not have to worry if you do not have much cash in hand. If you do want to withdraw cash, there are many ATMs for your convenience within the mall.
  • The Cineplex has set times for the shows they premiere. Generally one in the morning, afternoon, evening and night to suit the increasing demands of the cinema patrons.
  • It is during the seasonal times, especially during Christmas and the New Year that the mall really comes to life and is packed with that special seasonal atmosphere. Visiting the mall during the month of December is always a treat as it is always hip and happening.

In conclusion, the Majestic City Shopping Mall and Cineplex is literally your one stop shopping destination that provides all the necessary creature comforts that give you the opportunity to get your hands on some great products, along with ample facilities to enjoy your time off the constant shopping and the hubbub of urban life.

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