Little Adam’s Peak

Taking after the shape of Adam’s Peak, the Little Adam’s Peak mountain climbs a staggering 1,100 metres above sea level; its summit offering bird’s eye views of verdant, low-lying plains and mist-clouded mountains that reign all around. Nestled in the Central Highlands in the sleepy town of Ella, roughly a 6 hour drive from Colombo, this magnificent peak is one of the key natural attractions that Sri Lanka is home to, laying out a brilliantly picturesque hike through the tropics.

Best Known For

  • Being a trekking enthuse’s haven. Beginning at a moderate incline, the trail snakes through rich, verdant tea plantations, paddy fields and rippling waterfalls. Make the most of natural features afforded along the way; the nature trail lays out a series of platforms and rocks that make for good vantage points to take in the surrounding glory of nature.
  • The summit is generally secluded and offers sweeping views of the surroundings stretching to and beyond Ravana Falls. Settle down at the top, amidst tall wild grass, bask in the crisp, mountain air and take in the glorious views of the topography as the clouds roll in.

Interesting Facts

  • At the top of the mountain, should one take the left turn instead of the right which leads to the summit of Little Adam’s Peak, one may stumble across another trail, almost non-existent as it has faded away with time. This leads to another peak which affords stunning views of the scenery around. This peak may be lesser known, therefore expect just a few or no visitors there at all, making for a tranquil viewing experience.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • One of the routes taken to the top of Little Adam’s Peak starts from the 98 Acres Resort, right next to a white statue of Lord Buddha, another right next to the Ella Flower Garden Resort.
  • Little Adam’s Peak is sometimes wrongly referred to as Sri Pada or Samanalakanda; these are alternative names for its brother Adam’s Peak therefore don’t get confused.
  • Travellers have many accommodation options in Ella; choices range from small guesthouses to lush boutique hotels. Certain accommodation offerings have been ranked within the top 10 spots of TripAdvisor.
  • There is no entrance fee for Little Adam’s Peak.
  • Tour packages can be arranged through tour facilitators which not only take you on a trek through Little Adam’s Peak but through other highlights of Ella as well such as through ‘Klook’.
  • Prior to the day of the trek, arrange for a three-wheeler to take you from the Ella junction to the 98 Acres Resort, where the trail begins.
  • Dress warm due the area’s cold climate. weather.
  • Travel light. The fewer bags you carry along an arduous trek, the happier you’ll be.
  • Best visit Little Adam’s Peak during the early hours of the morn to catch the sunrise and for a more peaceful experience.
  • The hike to the mountain summit has a moderate level of difficulty.
  • Throw caution to the steep edges at the summit, especially when taking photographs.
  • Please make sure to pack in a spare bag to store away used and discarded food wrappers and drink bottles.
  • Carry along plenty of snacks and water along the hike.
  • Sunscreen and first-aid are added hike essentials.

Should you have conquered the mighty Adam’s Peak, its smaller version may not be too hard on you. Trek up along its iconic slopes and witness the magnificent view afforded at the top - experience one of the key natural treks in the Central Highlands.

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