Lipton’s Seat

Considered to be the very seat that Sir Thomas Lipton (the famous tea baron) sat on and overlooked his lush green tea plantations, the Lipton’s Seat is one of the more unique attractions in the hill country town of Haputale. Boasting of exquisite rustic features, along with intriguing historical significance, the Lipton’s Seat provides an idyllic setting for the tea connoisseur looking to delve into Sri Lanka’s dominance in the tea industry and natural bliss of the island paradise.

Best Known For

  • Lipton’s Seat is famed for being a monument to commemorate the late tea baron of the 19th Century colonial era, Sir Thomas Lipton, who propelled Sri Lanka to great heights with the introduction of mass tea production in the country.
  • Coupled with the rural rustic grandeur of the hill country draped in lush green tea plantations, it is possible to see features that belong to 5 other provinces, making it just one of the finest viewpoints in all of Sri Lanka.

Interesting Facts

  • The history of the monument will take you all the way back to the late 19th Century, during the time of the British colonial masters.
  • When a young Sir Thomas Lipton visited the island of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in 1890, he negotiated business deals with James Taylor, the man who introduced tea to the island.
  • Lipton, seeing a prospective business venture decided to purchase the present Dambatenne Tea Estate that proved to be his stepping stone to success.
  • With the construction of the Dambatenne Tea Factory, the Lipton Tea brand became the beacon of high quality in the world, as Sir Thomas Lipton introduced it to the world market.
  • It is said that the Scottish baron had a special place in the Dambatenne Estate where he would overlook his massive tea empire and admire the lush greenery that drapes the landscape.
  • In commemoration of his entrepreneurial venture that propelled Sri Lanka to the global market, a lifelike statue of the entrepreneur having a cuppa was built on the location he used to sit and overlook the tea plantations.
  • As a result, many would hike through the tea plantations to the viewpoint and awe at the very site of the lush foliage that is scattered throughout the hill country, rivalling that of the World’s End at the Horton Plains National Park.
  • The seat proves to be one of the best observations of the hill country, due to its 360 degree panoramic view that extends to 5 provinces and even the Southern Coast, of course in ideal climate conditions. Thus making it an idyllic setting for the nature lover to gaze at the exotic beauty of the island paradise.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The viewpoint in Sri Lanka is a yearlong travel destination, however, the best months to travel is during the dry season that lasts from April to August, as the views provided are unhindered by the weather.
  • The Lipton’s Seat is open for hiking to the public throughout the year, however, it is recommended that the best time to climb the viewpoint is in the wee hours of the morning, as the weather is calmer and favourable to witness the natural splendour of 5 provinces in the distance.
  • Although a relatively easy climb, one can never be too careful about safety. Therefore, it is recommended to be equipped with light hiking gear, along with plenty of water and food to traverse the many tea plantations you will encounter.
  • It is important to keep in mind that this place is a place of natural bliss, therefore please refrain from bringing any polythene or plastic.
  • As always, bring along your camera, as the pathway, along with the top of the Lipton’s Seat is perfect to partake in some nature photography.

With all its rustic grandeur and historical significance, Lipton’s Seat would certainly be something that should not be missed, while journeying across the central highlands of Sri Lanka, as it proves to be an ideal observation deck of the countryside.

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