Le Garage

Nestled within the tranquil folds of the Amaya Hills Resort, in the Hill Country capital of Kandy, lies one of the hippest nightclubs in all of Kandy; Le Garage. Boasting of being one of the few establishments in the area that allow the merrymaker to experience the best of nightlife in Kandy, Le Garage’s unique setting, along with its extensive menu and the unforgettable events it plays host to, certainly makes it one of the foremost nightclubs of the Hill Country.

Best Known For

  • Le Garage is best known for being one of the premier nightclubs in Kandy, hosting a number of enticing themed nights, from contemporary techno nights to retro nights that play the golden oldies, drawing party goers of all age groups.
  • In addition to its themed nights, Le Garage also sports one of the more unique nightclub settings, similar to that of a rugged looking garage. Coupled with a range of beverages and exquisite eats, Le Garage is famed for being the ideal location to party hard up in the Hills.

Interesting Facts

  • Located within the premises of the Amaya Hills Resort in Heerassagala, Le Garage has quickly caught on to become a haven for the party goer, be it local or foreign.
  • One of the many intriguing features of the nightclub is its unique ambiance, as it certainly lives up to its name of looking like a typical garage.
  • Complete with brick walls, decorated with spray paint, along with a number of motor parts plastered around the club, Le Garage has a rugged feel.
  • Making this club one of the foremost clubs in Kandy, is its hosting of many themed nights that cater to the tastes of many a generation; from the 60s to the contemporary.
  • One of the major features of the club is its wide array of enticing food and beverage options.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The night club in is open daily from 5:00pm to 2:00am, however, during the late hours of the weekend, especially on Saturday nights the club comes alive with an electric atmosphere.
  • Le Garage plays host to a number of events that are guaranteed to give out the best nights in the Hill Country capital, however, do inquire beforehand by checking out their social media or by phone, so as to know the latest events scheduled.
  • The nightclub has quite an extensive menu, should you desire an alcoholic concoction or those hunger pangs kick in. Do ask the staff about their recommendations.
  • Le Garage operates on a strict ‘Smart Casual’ dress code, therefore it is imperative that everyone dresses in line with it.

Le Garage, with its unique setting, electric atmosphere and amazing F&B options, proves to be an idyllic setting for revellers in the Hill Country capital of Kandy.

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