Laxapana Falls

Hidden amongst the thick wilderness of the Ginigathhena mountain range, the Laxapana Falls is a ferocious cascade of water that never ceases to amaze the traveller passing by. Towering high at more than 100-metres, the falls are considered to be one of the more picturesque falls in the country due to its lush green surroundings and a stunning view of the countryside, which can be witnessed at the top of the falls, making it an ideal observation deck to view the natural splendour of Sri Lanka.

Best Known For

  • The falls have been famed for its natural splendour time and time again, due to the untouched surroundings of the area. Hidden in the thick forests, adorned with an amazing variety of floral species, it really does accentuate the falls’ grandeur and makes for a great climatic buildup as you prod your way down the stairs, with the roaring sound of the cascade becoming ever so noticeable, until you find yourself at the foot of the falls.
  • Another highlighting feature is the view from the top of the falls, as it provides a spectacle of a view of the countryside, along with the distant misty mountains in the background. It makes for an amazing spot to just chill out and admire God’s green earth, while engaging in some nature photography.

Interesting Facts

  • The Laxapana Falls is formed by the Maskeliya Oya that is a tributary to the large Kelani River and plunges at a height of 126-metres.
  • Due to its staggering height, it is ranked the 8th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and ranks 625th, when compared to waterfalls around the world.
  • The falls have been a fabled in popular local folklore, as it is believed to be the place where Lord Buddha mended his saffron robe when he was visiting Adam’s Peak.
  • Moreover, the name of the falls have interesting origin stories, each very different from the other. However, there are only two that are quite popular among the people.
  • One is that since it cascades over a vast number of rocks, it was called ‘Laxa’, meaning a hundred thousand and ‘Pahana’, which means rocks. Hence the name ‘Laxapana’.
  • Another story is, since the falls power the country’s first hydropower station, it is believed to power more than 100,000 lamps at the same time, thus ‘Laxa’ (translated as 100,000) and ‘Pahana’ (which can also be translated as lamps).

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The Laxapana Falls can be accessed throughout the year and really has no season, as its ferocious cascade never cease.
  • Due to its well hidden nature in the thick forests, it can be quite difficult to find, even with Google Maps. Therefore, it is important that you inquire from the locals on the directions to the falls.
  • Exercise extreme caution when deciding to take a dip at the natural pools of the area, as it could be quite dangerous due to the ferocious flow of water.
  • The stairs to access the top of the falls and the foot of the falls possess quite a number of steps, making it quite a task for the average traveller.
  • Therefore, it is imperative that you are well equipped with some hiking equipment, along with essentials such as water and snacks.
  • Please refrain from taking polythene and please do not pollute the natural surroundings.
  • Do not forget to bring your camera to catch the breathtaking splendour of the falls and its surroundings.

Should you be travelling about the hill country of Sri Lanka and looking for a place to just admire the natural grandeur of Sri Lanka’s hill country, the Laxapana Falls is certainly that perfect natural monument to experience such a thing.

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