Keerimalai Springs

Shrouded in intriguing Hindu beliefs and folklore, the healing waters of the Keerimalai Springs have become a popular attraction in Jaffna to both, local and foreigners alike. Believed to have healed a priest and a Pandyan princess from their deformities and injuries, the Keerimalai Springs, located beside the sea, is a unique place worth a visit during your time in the Northern Peninsula of Jaffna.

Best Known For

  • The Keerimalai Springs is best known for its healing waters, as it is believed to have been blessed by Hindu deities and is evident with the many stories that surround the springs, such as that of priest, Nagula Swami and Pandyan princess, Maruthapura Veeravalli.
  • The springs is also known to be a great place to cool for travellers, as the springs are always just the right temperature to cool off and is also located right beside the azure sea; a great place to take that much needed break after a hard day’s travel.

Interesting Facts

  • The Keerimalai Springs is a natural spring that is greatly associated with Hindu religious tradition.
  • According to legend, a priest known as Nagula Swami inhabited the area more than 1000 years ago and was believed to have had a face that resembled that of a mongoose.
  • It is believed that the priest prayed to the Hindu deities and immersed himself in the spring, which subsequently cured his deformity, hence the name ‘Keerimalai’ (Mongoose mound).
  • Fast forward to the 7th Century AC and a similar story surfaces, as it is believed that the same waters healed a Pandyan princess of her indigestion and also cured of her facial deformity.
  • As a result of the healing properties of the spring, many local folk take a dip in the spring, in order to heal their injuries.
  • Some who visit also take a dip for leisure purposes too.
  • Presently, the Keerimalai Springs is divided into 2 areas, one for males and the other for females.
  • What makes it all the more enticing to visit the springs is its swimming pool-like structure that enables people to do some lengths too.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The opening hours of the attraction in Jaffna does not have a fixed time, as it is run by the community, however, on average, the springs are open to the public from 9.00am to 6.00pm.
  • There are changing rooms for both, males and females.
  • Do keep in mind that bringing any sort of shampoo or soap is prohibited, as it could taint the water.
  • Conservative swimwear, especially for women is highly recommended, as the society of the area follow conservative tradition.
  • Please maintain personal health and hygiene while at the natural water spring. Moreover, adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the community.
  • As always do not pollute the surroundings of the venue with polythene or plastic.

With its intriguing legend, healing waters and all-round accommodating atmosphere, the Keerimalai Springs prove to be a great place to just cool off, especially after travelling through the sweltering heat of Jaffna.

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