Having roots that go all the way back to the 1970s, Kandygs is a pioneer establishment when it comes to Sri Lankan handicrafts and handlooms. Boasting of an array of exquisitely designed handlooms, handicrafts, souvenirs, household items and clothing for the entire family, Kandygs’ high quality products are even exported outside the boundaries of Sri Lanka to many European, American and Asian markets, making it a premier handloom textile exporter in Sri Lanka. A simple visit here will cater anything and everything in Sri Lankan arts and crafts.

Best Known For

  • Kandygs is without doubt famed for its vast range of handcrafted and handlooms products that include bags, curtains, bedspreads, sarongs, cushion covers, soft toys, table clothes and mats, wall hangings and fabrics.
  • Apart from textile products, the souvenir store is also known for its pottery, wooden handicrafts and other household and interior decorative items, enabling you to spruce up your dwelling with an authentic touch of Sri Lankan heritage.

Interesting Facts

  • Kandygs has modest beginnings, as it started in 1971 with only 10 machines.
  • Fast forward to the present and Kandygs now boasts of a large factory that includes 200 handlooms, 30 power looms, 50 sewing machines and a fully equipped dye house.
  • Due to the exquisite handlooms and handicrafts produced by the textile company, many of the products have entered markets overseas, including Japan, Germany, Greece, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Mexico and Maldives. Therefore, justifying the high standards employed by the textile company.
  • Another feature of interest is the way they have structured their business model, since they employ artisans who can even work from home, making it possible for them to make value of their art and earn a modest living from it. Therefore, making the establishment a people centred one, due to its high end products to satisfy the customer, along with bringing appropriate return to the producers.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The operating times of the main outlet in Maharagama is from Monday to Saturday and is open from 9:30am to 7:00pm. However, the other branches often do differ in operating times, as some of them are closed during the weekends while some others are not, so it is best to call up the branch closest to you and confirm.
  • Credit and debit cards are accepted at all outlets to make transactions all the more easier.
  • The clothing, souvenirs and household items are quite pricy, however, the prices are justified as it is sourced from rural local artisans that incorporate traditional techniques.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a reasonably priced souvenir to take home or looking to add something special in your dwelling to give that Sri Lankan touch, then Kandygs is an establishment that should be considered.

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