K-Zone and Vista Lite Cinema

Sri Lanka is known for its rich heritage and history that spans back to the 6th century BC. More recently though, Sri Lanka has become a major commercial hub that caters to consumers far and wide. This can be seen with the many shopping districts and malls that have opened up to cater to those needs. K-Zone, located very close to the Colombo International Airport, is one such shopping mall cum entertainment hub for many, be it tourists or locals. This is further accentuated by the state of the art Vista Lite Cinema that showcases all the blockbuster hits of Hollywood and Bollywood.

Best Known For

  • The shopping mall in Ja Ela is best known for its central location, especially for residents living near the airport, since it provides anything and everything all under one roof.
  • Apart from having a great many shops that cater to your everyday needs, there are a number of shops that cater to your more sophisticated needs too, ranging from designer fashion wear to electrical appliances.
  • Moreover, the great food court along with the state of the art 3D Vista Lite Cinema make it a great place to have a little powwow with your mates and escape the fast paced life.
  • The shopping mall gets quite lively during seasonal times too with the management hosting some entertaining events and shows for the entire family to take part in.

Interesting Facts

  • K-Zone Ja Ela is one of the three shopping malls that is managed by John Keells Properties which attempts to provide all your everyday needs under one roof.
  • The shopping mall is a relatively new mall that was opened in the country, only starting commercial life in 2013.
  • Although possessing a short history, the mall has become a big hit to many as it proves to be an exquisite mall in the perfect location that provides not only retail therapy, but also great entertainment.
  • The Vista Lite Cinema is equipped with the latest 4K digital projection systems, coupled with 7.1 digital surround sounds and eye popping 3D to give the ultimate movie going experience to the movie enthusiast.
  • The food court is also a feature of interest, since it is home to a number of shops that serve some lip smacking international cuisine for the food connoisseur.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The shopping mall is opened daily from 10.30am to 10.30pm, however, the shops within the complex operate under their own times that can vary depending on the day.
  • If you are looking for some entertainment, coupled with some great deals too, then do head down to the mall during the holiday seasons. The mall gets quite lively with some amazing décor and great entertainment for the entire family.
  • It can get quite crowded, especially during the late evening, so if you are looking to shop for something specific it is best to avoid this particular time.
  • Make sure you keep a watchful eye on your belongings, especially when the mall gets quite crowded.

In conclusion, K-Zone shopping mall and the Vista Lite Cinema proves to be your perfect blend that satisfies your increasing demands of retail and entertainment.

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