Jungle Beach

A few kilometres South of Galle lies a pristine strip of sand widely considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka, relatively undisturbed by civilization that is accessible only by going through a protected wildlife sanctuary, hence the name, ‘Jungle Beach’. Visiting the beach is just one of many things to do when travelling down the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

Best Known For

Social and relaxation:

  • Have a refreshing ‘thambili’ (King coconut water) from the street vendors along the way towards the beach or the restaurant at the beach and just lie down on one of the beach beds breathing in the calm and gentle sea breeze while sunbathing under the gleaming sun.
  • Serene views of the Galle Fort, the beaches near Galle and the beach in Unawatuna can be witnessed at the idyllic setting of the Japanese Peace Pagoda on top of Rumassala hill.
  • The beach is an ideal location for surfing, snorkelling, diving and whale watching too. Cruises to the coral reefs of the Unawatuna bay area is also a unique experience since you can witness the various species of marine wildlife endemic to the country.

Interesting Facts

  • Only one little restaurant has set up shop right in the middle of the beach to provide the best possible experience by providing great food with a view of the historical Galle Fort area in the distance.
  • Although not possessing significant history, the beach is very close to the Japanese Peace Pagoda. Just one of 4 built in the country by the Japanese Nipponzan-Myōhōji order to inspire peace among all people regardless of race or creed.
  • The only way to reach the unique beach is by going through the Rumassala protected sanctuary that is home to birds endemic to the country.

Times, Seasons and Tips

Travel: Travelling from Galle or Unawatuna is relatively easy since there are many buses that pass the start of the Rumassala hill and come back, however, the road leading to the beach is narrow and can only be accessed by car or tuk-tuk, if you do not wish to walk. Charges would be around LKR 400 from Galle, but would be less if travelling from Unawatuna.

Money: The bus ride, tuk-tuk ride and refreshments should be budgeted. Make sure you carry hard cash with change money, including LKR 20, 50 and 100 notes, since the street vendors and the restaurant do not accept credit or debit cards.

Dress code: There is no strict dress code to adhere to at the beach, so casual or beach wear is permissible. However, if attempting to visit the Japanese Peace Pagoda, it is important to bring a sarong or wear clothes that covers the legs and shoulders as it is a religious site which has to be respected.

Camera: The Jungle beach itself is a location that has a mesmerizing view of the Galle Fort in the distance. Furthermore, the view at the Japanese Peace Pagoda is ideal to capture some more unique views of the area. So why not bring a camera?

Backpack: It is better to carry a backpack along with some essentials such as water, snacks, a change of clothes (if you are deciding to take a sea swim or visit the Pagoda) and whatever that works with you when travelling (If you are not staying in close proximity).

Season: The weather can change depending on the certain months. The best time to visit the area is during the winter season between December to April since the beach is calm and the sky is clear.

Safety: Be mindful of the changing tides of the sea since it can get rough unexpectedly, if you are planning to go for a sea swim.

Visiting times: It is advisable to visit Jungle Beach and its surrounding areas during the daytime as the beach is calmer and safer as a whole.

Water sports: Make sure to inquire about the costs and quality of the services provided when engaging in water sports as it can vary greatly depending on the adventure firm you select.

If you are looking to unwind and admire nature without the disturbance of civilization and with the calm sound of rustling trees and cooling sea breeze, Jungle Beach is the ideal location for you.

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