Jaffna Market

Located smack in the middle of one of Sri Lanka’s iconic northern towns, the Jaffna Market is a treasure trove for the shopping enthuse, be it for fresh produce to even gold, Jaffna’s streets come alive with commercial activity and never ceases from dusk to dawn. Certainly something to intrigue the culture enthuse looking to delve into the diverse societies that swell within the Paradise Island.

Best Known For

  • The Jaffna Market is famed for being a go-to market place for anything and everything for many local folk, as well as foreigners. Home to a myriad of items for sale, from your everyday food products in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables to apparel and even gold, the attraction is a kaleidoscopic surprise to many who visit.

Interesting Facts

  • The Jaffna Market teems with life that is quite unique to the town of Jaffna, especially with the many bicycles and scooters that crowd the streets surrounding the market complex.
  • Apart from the diverse activity that takes place in the market, the market is home to a number of goods for sale that serves to be the highlighting factor of the attraction.
  • At first glance, anyone can spot the vegetable and fruit vendors that sell a myriad of fresh produce.
  • One of the more popular fruits that sell out quite instantly, is the prized ‘Karthacolomban’, a type of mango that is native to the region.
  • Due to the mango’s sugary sweet taste, many clamour to purchase the elusive fruit, so as to make refreshing juices or incorporate it in Jaffna cuisine.
  • In addition to the fruits and vegetable vendors, the market is also home to a number of spice vendors that specialise in the sale of cumin, pepper, coriander and cinnamon, a few amongst many.
  • The Jaffna Market’s diversity does not stop there, as the commercial space possesses high value items as well, such as gold.
  • The Jaffna Market is as diverse as the people in the town, making it all the more enticing to visit.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The market in Jaffna is open from Monday to Saturday and operates from 7.00am to 6.00pm, however, it is highly recommended that you visit the market during the morning hours, since it is possible to witness the bustling commercial activity and purchase some useful items yourself.
  • There are instances where you can bargain with street vendors, however, to do that, it is best if you either know a little bit of Tamil or with a guide that knows the ins and outs of the market.
  • Please do not pollute the area.
  • Taking along your camera would also come in handy, as the activity taking place is always a lively one.

When in Jaffna, the Jaffna Market is something that should be in your list of to-dos, as it is a treasure trove of culture that thrives in a commercial space, along with being a place of convenience due to the variety of goods on sale.

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