In… on the Green

Just one of the many lively establishments within the Galle Face Hotel, In… on the Green offers many a patron the experience of a typical British pub, from the interior décor to the alcoholic concoctions and eats, the pub certainly does give that old colonial vibe to the patron. Kick back with a cold one in hand, while you have a great time with your friends and bask in the trappings of the old world. Located just a stone’s throw away to the scenic Galle Face Green, In… on the Green certainly does justice to its namesake.

Best Known For

  • In… on the Green is famed for bringing the vibes of the old colonisers to the shores of the Paradise Island, as the interior is adorned in wooden chairs and round tables, along with some interesting wall hangings that showcase Colombo’s history and a myriad of other local pop culture figures.
  • Couple that with live music, a gyrating ambience, pub quizzes and a range of F&B options, In… on the Green is an ideal pub in Colombo to have an unforgettable night with the lads.

Interesting Facts

  • Operating in the colonial confines of the Galle Face Hotel, In… on the Green has become a go-to place for many a merrymaker to revel with friends.
  • Boasting of a typical British pub design with the combination of some tropical hues of the Paradise Island, the pub certainly does transport you back to the United Kingdom.
  • With a myriad of wall hangings that depict the history of Colombo, along with the other famous figures, both local and foreign, In… on the Green does give the patron a talking point.
  • Making it all the more enticing, is the projection of Premiership football on large television screens, thus providing the perfect entertainment to sip a cold one with the lads.
  • Not interested in football? The pub also plays some live music that guarantees the patron a lively atmosphere to revel in.
  • Partake in the quiz nights held every Wednesday from 7.00pm onwards and stand a chance to win some exciting gifts from the pub.
  • The pub has flexible hours that runs daily too, along with great deals on mojitos, margaritas, cocktails, wraps and other finger food.
  • Further enticing the merrymaker is the hosting of a number of themed night parties that always deliver with exuberance and unforgettable memories, thus possessing the hallmarks of a reveler’s establishment.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The English pub in Colombo is open daily from 4.00pm to 12 midnight, however, the ideal time experience the amazing ambience is during the late hours of the weekend, as it livens up with live music and quiz nights.
  • Do note that the pub has a daily happy hour that runs from 5.30pm to 7.30pm, where a number of cocktails and beer, along with other pub grub are on offer.
  • Do note that on weekends, the happy hour runs from 10.00pm to 11.00pm.
  • All forms of credit and debit cards are accepted, making transactions all the more easier.

All that being said; what better way to experience Colombo nightlife than when you are ‘In… on the Green’?

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