Galle Face Green

Located in Colombo 3, the Galle Face Green is the largest open space in Colombo that is flocked by families, friends, canoodling couples and many more to just get a little bit of down time after a long day’s work. Initially a cannon yard to fend off any potential invaders by the Dutch, the Galle Face Green has become the premier public park for a range of activities, from your random social gatherings to major international events.

Best Known For

  • With its large open space the Galle Face Green is ideal for family picnics, a powwow with your friends, or just gaze at the inspiring sunset that would make your day’s end just that much more special.
  • Being one of the largest public parks in Sri Lanka, Kite flying too is a major activity that has made the skies filled with little bits of paper draped in a vibrancy of colours.
  • That is not all, Galle Face is also notable for its food vendors serving up all the famous street food in Sri Lanka.
  • The Galle Face Green serves to be the best place to witness an unfettered view of the majestic sun set in Colombo. Maybe have a few drinks while watching it?

Interesting Facts

  • Although a public park now, it was really a space of strategic importance to the colonizers, especially to the Dutch.
  • The Dutch initially called the place ‘Gal gate faas’, which means in front of the fortification that faced toward Galle.
  • However, after the Dutch were driven out by the British, the landscape changed to a more pleasant one.
  • The cannons were taken out in the mid - 1800s and transformed into a multisport venue, hosting many prestigious horse races, golf tournaments, rugby matches, and even cricket matches.
  • The Galle Face Green still holds many national events, such as the Independence Day celebrations on the 4th of February, with a unique pageantry conducted by the armed force of the country.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • Galle Face Green is busy almost every day, making it possible to visit the park all year round.
  • The best time to visit the park is during the evening, after 4.00pm when the crowd gathers, creating the perfect ambience to enjoy the sunset.
  • Make sure you try out Nana’s food. It serves up some delicious street food with their own unique twist to it.
  • It often gets very crowded in the evenings, thus making it important to take care of your belongings.
  • Weekdays are considered the best days to enjoy what the park has to offer, since the weekends can get a bit too overcrowded.
  • Always keep the area clean and respect the laws.

Regardless of whether you are a day tripper in the big city or a traveler staying in the city, the Galle Face Green is not to be missed if you want to experience the chill side of Colombo.

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