Ella Rock

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Ella; the Ella Rock rises high above a peaceful town, offering a vantage point at which to take in the stunning mountain ranges, topography and the plains below stretching on for miles as far as the eye can see. Trek up its slopes to witness the glory of all that’s Ella Rock. If hiking is one of the top things in your itinerary, you might want to check this out.

Best Known For

  • Hiking: the trek up Ella Rock has been the subject of much debate with certain travellers stating that one can easily lose their way while others believe that a clear, detailed map can guide one through to the summit. Either way, Ella Rock is a trekking enthuse’s haven, with its many winding pathways offering a trove of scenic landscapes to be discovered. Trek through the scenic countryside, along railway lines, lush verdant tea plantations and into the hills where the Rock’s highest peak awaits.
  • The view: The trek up to the Ella Rock summit is well worth the view at the top. The trail ends at a plateau full of Eucalyptus trees, past which the breathtaking summit awaits. Bask in sweeping, exhilarating views of far off mist-clouded mountain ranges and green-decked plains. Despite the rock perching right at the edge of the plateau, one can comfortably stretch out on its rocky ground and enjoy a 360° view of nature’s best all around.

Interesting Facts

  • As many as 16 routes lead to the summit of Ella Rock, each with its own levels of ease or difficulty. Each route takes you through varied aspects of the surrounding topography; rambling along these, one may even discover more routes on their own!

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • A commonly taken route taken starts at the Ella railway station; make a left after you enter the station and walk on along the rails. Despite the signs against entry and locals who may advise you otherwise, know that walking along the rails is commonly done every day. Do keep a sharp eye out for the trains, however, as this is a working railway.
  • Pass the Kithalella railway station. You may stumble across guiding signs such as a rock marked with a blue arrow and the label ‘Ella Rock’. Turn left here. If the marking has faded over the years, make a left after the way-marker 166 ½ but before the way-marker 166 ¼.
  • Cross a footbridge, choose left at the fork in the road and pass a tea plantation. The trail leads you to a smaller viewing point which offers a taste of what the summit has to offer. It’s a fairly direct path to the summit from here.
  • The paths taken to the summit are many and some are so commonly known that maps are made by travellers themselves detailing the routes taken. You may find these on social media with a little bit of research.
  • Should you still get lost, ask directions from men who are working, children going to school or other tourists. Refrain from getting directions from men hanging around as it’s likely that they’ll give you wrong information to make you lose your way and then offer their guidance for a monetary sum.
  • The trek may get steep towards the end and be slippery after the rain, therefore wear suitable shoes.
  • Pack in water, snacks and sunscreen for rejuvenation and comfort for the hours you’ll spend under the sun.
  • Watch out for leeches; make sure to pack in lime and insect repellent.
  • For added comfort during the hike, wear zip-offs so you can put them on when walking through tall grass and take them off when it gets too hot.
  • One should best visit Ella during the dry season from December to March. The weather here may be mostly unpredictable but is generally of a more moderate climate.
  • Best not trek with sandals or flip-flops especially after it has just rained. Pack in proper walking shoes or trainers.

Amongst the many must-see attractions standing tall on Ella ground, the Ella Rock is perhaps one of its most famous yet. Bask in striking views from the iconic summit and witness tranquil village life and the magnificent topographical features that one may pass along the way. Should you be in Ella or in the surrounding vicinity, make sure to add this trek to your list of glorious local experiences.

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