Diyatha Uyana

Established in one of the most serene waterfronts along Diyawanna Oya River, in the bustling suburb of Battaramulla. The Diyatha Uyana Park has quickly become one of the foremost leisure parks visited by the urban folk, to take a step back and relax with serene views of the lake. Coupled with the presence of one of the longest tracks for walking and jogging, a number of shops, play areas for children, sightseeing decks, restaurants and other intriguing attractions, the venue entices many a patron to the serene waterfront.

Best Known For

  • The Diyatha Uyana is famed for being a leisure seeker’s paradise, due to its overall ambience. Possessing a waterfront view of the Diyawanna Oya River, along with a number of attractions, such as food stalls, an aquarium, flower shops and even a floating restaurant, the Diyatha Uyana is best known for providing that all needed escape from the urban jungle.

Interesting Facts

  • The Diyatha Uyana was constructed in 2012 under the authority of the Urban Development Authority (UDA), in order to create a little escape for urban dwellers to appreciate the rustic suburbs of Colombo.
  • At present, the Diyatha Uyana plays hosts to a number of attractions within its waterfront, allowing individuals of all ages to enjoy the blissful views and fresh air of the surrounding greenery.
  • Such notable attractions are the water fountain that shoots out a kaleidoscopic display of water, some intriguing 3D art along its walkways, an aquarium, food stalls, flower shops, along with an exquisite floating restaurant that glides on and about the river.
  • Another major attraction is the presence of the Water’s Edge that allows for one to sit along its elevated terraces, with a cup of coffee in hand and enjoy the splendid scenery of the Diyawanna Oya Lake.
  • Apart from the many leisure seekers who flock to the park, the park also serves to be a fitness buff’s haven, as the presence of one of the longest tracks in the suburb makes it ideal for walking, jogging and even cycling.
  • The end of the walking track is a docking point for one to take a peaceful tour through the lake in a paddle boat. A boat at sun set makes it a fitting end to a day out, away from the clutter of the cosmopolitan capital.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The leisure park in Battaramulla is open to the public throughout the year, however, the park experiences a lively atmosphere during weekend evenings, as urban folk come to escape the clutter of city life.
  • The park sports some interesting shops, food stalls and restaurants too, providing an idyllic setting to experience some retail therapy and tantalising delectables.
  • Looking for the best view of the lake? Just walk along the walkway to Water’s Edge’s elevated terraces.
  • Do note that charges for water sporting and the swan boat rides do vary, depending on the number of people partaking in the activity. Therefore, do inquire about it from the operators.
  • Please refrain from bringing any polythene or any other pollutant within the premises, as the park serves to be an immaculate piece of nature that has been preserved protecting the biodiversity of the flora and fauna of the lake.
  • Please adhere to the rules and regulations set for the by the park authorities.

Diyatha Uyana is a sanctuary for the urban folk to take a step back and enjoy the exquisite natural-scapes of the city that still exists today, in addition to being a prime location for the fitness enthuse to work up a sweat.

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