Diyaluma Falls

Nestled in the up country highlands of Sri Lanka, the Diyaluma Falls is a unique waterfall in the country that is encapsulated in interesting folklore and breathtaking views of the exquisite countryside. Officially dubbed as the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, the waterfall has become quite the rewarding adventure spot for the traveller looking for an ‘off the beaten path’ excursion with Mother Nature by their side. Bask in the breathtaking views of the Sri Lankan highlands, while taking a dip in the natural pools of the falls.

Best Known For

  • The falls have been a hiker’s favourite, as it does not have visibly carved out trails to the top of the cascade and is quite arduous even for the fit traveller.
  • Although difficult, it certainly is one of the most rewarding hikes as the highest point of the waterfall serves to be an exemplary natural observation deck to view the Sri Lankan countryside in all her glory.
  • Diyaluma falls is also famed for possessing some cool freshwater pools that have become the perfect spot to take a dip in after a hard day’s hike and just let your hair down.

Interesting Facts

  • The natural waterfall has quite a tragic story though, in Sri Lankan folklore.
  • In ancient times, the falls was considered to be a meeting point of two lovers; a chieftain and a woman, who was believed to have been of a lower caste.
  • Due to her being of lower caste, the lovers could only meet hidden from the eyes of the public, thus making the remote location of the Diyaluma Falls the ideal meeting point.
  • Although the chieftain was able to get to the top of the falls, his significant other could not due to the routes being blocked by guards. Therefore, resulting in the chieftain letting down a rope for his lover to climb up to the top.
  • Due to the slippery and dangerous conditions, the rope got entangled and as she was being pulled up she was dashed against the rocks and died.
  • The Gods, feeling pity after her death, caused a stream of water to gush from the mountain and wash away all evidence of the tragedy in a divine act of watery light. Thus the reason of the name ‘Diyaluma’ (liquid light).
  • Apart from possessing interesting folklore, the colossal falls have some interesting physical features too.
  • Reaching a height of 720-feet, just 70-feet shorter to the Bambarakanda Falls, the falls are considered to be the second highest waterfall in the country and subsequently ranked the 361st highest waterfall in the world.
  • There are only three routes to reaching the top of the falls, however, all of them are well hidden and are mainly used by the local villagers.
  • Each of the routes are of different lengths and embedded with varying challenges, yet they traverse through some lush green grass lands, where even elephants can be spotted.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The falls can be visited anytime, however, the best and safest time to visit the waterfall is during the morning and afternoon, since the evenings can get quite dangerous due to the roaming of elephants near the trails to the top of the falls.
  • If planning to hike along to the top of the falls, then the season to visit is during the drier months from March to June and December to February, since it is very dangerous to hike during the monsoon season.
  • If you are just looking to witness the ferocious cascade and the beauty of the waterfall alone, then the monsoon season, especially experienced during the months of October and November is the best time to visit.
  • Hiking here is not an easy feat, so it is vital to be prepared with the necessary equipment, essentials and clothing, along with some bathing suits, because it would be quite a shame to not enjoy the rewarding freshwater pools at the top.
  • Moreover, it is mandatory to have a local guide whichever route you opt for, since the locals are the only ones capable of traversing the hidden trails. Expect to give a tip or small fee after.
  • Always keep the surroundings clean, as it is still a relatively untouched piece of nature.
  • Please be mindful of your wellbeing, especially during your trail and at the top, since it is known to have a few leeches and also be mindful of the sheer drop itself.

If you are that adventure junkie looking for something out of the ordinary in the country, something that goes off the beaten track and provides some of the most exquisite views of countryside, there are only a few better than the Diyaluma Falls.

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