Dambatenne Tea Factory

Located in the misty mountains of Haputale, the Dambatenne Tea Factory is one of the few tea factories in Sri Lanka where it is possible to understand the colonial influence of the British and the complete process of tea making. Established by the tea guru, Sir Tomas Lipton, the Dambatenne Tea Factory enables you to distinguish what makes Ceylonese tea the best in the world, making it all the more enticing to add this attraction to your travel itinerary.

Best Known For

  • The Dambatenne Tea Factory is best known for being one of the few tea factories in Sri Lanka where you can experience a comprehensive tea tour, taking you through the entire process of the making of several types of tea.
  • On a lesser note, the estate in which the tea factory is situated in provides some stunning views of the mountains draped in a cascade of lush green tea plantations. This is further accentuated with tea pluckers dotting the plantations, picking leaves worthy enough to go into a cup of hot water. Therefore, making it quite the scenic place too.

Interesting Facts

  • Dambatenne’s significance comes to fruition in 1890, when the Scottish tea guru, Sir Thomas Lipton, established the present tea factory to cater to the ever growing demand of tea in the world.
  • The Dambatenne Tea Factory serves to be one of the pioneer factories that perfected the Ceylonese tea, eventually becoming a leading figure in the global tea industry.
  • A tea tour at the factory will take you through each and every step of the process of making several types of tea, including the fermentation, rolling, drying, cutting, sieving and grading of the tea leaves.
  • There are mainly 3 parts in the tea tour; first being the visiting of the higher floor rooms, where the tea leaves are brought into the building and placed into massive circular machines before going through the refining process.
  • The second part is the visiting of the ground floor room, where the tea goes through different levels of refining and is eventually left out to rest before being heated.
  • The last being the processes of cooling, heating and the packaging of the product for shipping.
  • It is also possible to witness the machinery that was used during colonial times to process the leaves.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • There is no season to visit the tea factory and it is open daily from 8:00am to 6:00pm throughout the year. However, it is best to avoid Sundays, since the processing of tea is halted for the day.
  • It is best to visit the factory in the morning, since you can avoid all the crowd.
  • Entrance to the factory would cost LKR 250 for all.
  • Do keep in mind that photographing certain areas of the factory is prohibited, therefore it is best to ask the tour guide beforehand to confirm.
  • There is no souvenir shop or tea shop in the factory, however, you could purchase the fresh product right from the factory itself.

In conclusion, the Dambatenne Tea Factory is just one of the attractions of the hill country that speaks of Sri Lanka’s colonial heritage and influence in the tea industry of the world.

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