Crescat Boulevard

Crescat Boulevard, sometimes known simply as ‘Crescat’, is the premier luxury shopping centre in Colombo that caters to the individual that is yearning for nothing but the best in fashion, cosmetics, spa products, books and even stationary. What makes it one of the trendiest places in Colombo is the fact that it houses an exemplary café and food court offering a range of lip smacking food for you to indulge in, should you be on the lookout to satisfy your hunger pangs, while on your shopping rounds.

Best Known For

  • Home to a number of exquisite shops, including designer brands, Crescat boulevard boasts of some big names, such as Swarovski, Adidas, Reebok, Hameedias and the Colombo Jewellery Stores to name but five.
  • Moreover, Crescat is also known for having a spacious food court and a great cafe that serve up some sumptuous treats and proves to be a great location to hang - out with your buddies during the weekend or even after a hard day’s work.
  • Crescat Boulevard is also famed for its central location and very utilitarian design of the mall that enables the shopper to feel relaxed when going about their rounds.
  • The mall is also known for possessing a well-equipped supermarket that caters to the needs of all consumers.

Interesting Facts

  • Crescat Boulevard was built to serve the high demands of the high end shoppers and elite residents of Colombo, especially hailing from the nearby Crescat Residencies and Cinnamon Grand Hotel.
  • Presently it also serves as a ‘hangout’ spot for many of the youth in Colombo looking to get away from boredom at home.
  • This is quite noticeable when wandering about the spacious food court and the quaint Sugar Bistro and Wine Bar.
  • Crescat is also a central location to visit pretty much all the important places of interest in Colombo, such as the Galle Face Green, Viharamahadevi Park (Victoria Park) and the Colombo National Museum to name but three. Thus making it a great meeting point to the explorer as well as the shopaholic.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The shopping mall is opened from 10.30am till 11.00am, however, the shops within the store operate on their own business hours too.
  • Do not worry if you think you would not have enough space to park your car, as there is ample parking at the basements of the complex.
  • Try visiting during the seasonal periods as the mall does get quite lively with some amazing decorations, along with some great events too.
  • Moreover, it is during these times that many of the high end shops offer some great deals on their products, so why not make use of it?

All in all the Crescat Boulevard does not serve as your usual shopping mall for the everyday shopper looking for some great products, but serves as a great cool down spot for the urban folk looking to escape the rat race and also a great push off point to explore the wonders of the commercial capital of Colombo.

Title image by: Crescat Boulevard The information displayed is provided by Crescat Boulevard


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