Colombo Walking Tour

The Colombo Walking Tour organised by Ceylon Trails Experience Private Limited takes that leisurely walk in Colombo one step further, by making it all the more informative and engaging for the traveller. Therefore, providing an experience of the commercial heritage of Colombo like no other. Taking you past key historical monuments in the Colombo Fort area to the bustling market place of Pettah, the Colombo Walking Tour allows you to delve deep into the everyday life of the commercial capital, making it perfect for the traveller looking to understand the urban culture within the city.

Best Known For

  • Guiding you through the old colonial streets of the Colombo Fort area, filled with monuments of the old world that instantly transport you to the time of the old empires’ occupation in the country, to the more contemporary period, showcasing the cosmopolitan hustle and bustle of the commercial capital, the Colombo Walking Tour is famed for providing a comprehensive walkthrough of the commercial capital of Sri Lanka.

Interesting Facts

  • The Colombo Walking Tour is a relatively recent tour that was initiated by Ceylon Trails Experience Private Limited.
  • Although a recent initiative, the entity that organises the tours has been in the tourism industry for over 25 years, possessing a wealth of experience affording a reliable and quality service.
  • A typical tour would start from the entrance of the Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct and would begin by walking towards the grand façade of the old Cargills building, where experienced guides will give details on the Victorian, Dutch, Edwardian, Greco-Roman and Gothic architecture of the buildings that once reflected the might of colonial power.
  • After a short break at the Grand Oriental Hotel in York Street, the tour will proceed to the bustling main street of the Pettah Shopping Precinct, passing the historic Red Mosque and eventually lead to the fruit and vegetable markets of 2nd Street and Keyzer Street that bustle with everyday commuters purchasing their daily essentials.
  • After understanding the rich history and cosmopolitan culture of the commercial capital, the tour will reach the Old Colombo Town Hall that dates back to the Dutch colonial period, which serves to be a fitting end to a tour exploring the old and contemporary of Colombo.
  • The group will then be transported back to the entrance of the Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct, making your tour back in time, all the more convenient.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The walking tours operate on a daily basis with three time slots, making it all the more convenient for the traveller. The time slots are as follows; 7:05am, 10:00am and 3:30pm respectively.
  • The point of departure and ending point for all the tours is the entrance of the Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct, opposite the World Trade Centre.
  • Keep in mind that due to the comprehensive guidance to the number of attractions, showcasing the commercial heritage of the Colombo Fort area, the tours often last for around 2 ½ - 3 hours.
  • Do note that partaking in one of the daily tours would cost USD 27 and includes tea and light refreshments.
  • Private tours can be arranged starting from USD 33 per person, should you be looking for those customised city walks around the fortress area of Colombo.
  • Although refreshments are provided by the tour company, it is highly recommended that you bring along snacks and water to beat the humidity in the city.
  • Do not forget to bring along your camera to capture unforgettable moments of this touring experience.

In conclusion, the Colombo Walking Tour enables the keen traveller to explore both old and contemporary Colombo showcasing the uniqueness of this vibrant cosmopolitan city.

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