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Cruising in an open top double decker bus around the streets of Colombo, what better way to explore the fast growing commercial capital of the country? Ebert Silva Holidays, in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, brings to you just that much needed excursion with the Colombo City Tour. Offering a number of tour packages that suit every traveller’s requirement, the Colombo City Tour is a pioneering concept in promoting tourism in the country, enabling travelers to explore Colombo in a unique way.

Best Known For

  • With the Colombo City Tour being the only open deck city tour in Sri Lanka, it is famed for enabling travellers to explore Colombo in all its entirety, be it the historical monuments, serene natural features and even its urban city life. Thus making it a comprehensive tour package in order to experience the best of the commercial capital.

Interesting Facts

  • The Colombo City Tour is a sightseeing service conducted by Ebert Silva Holidays in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority.
  • As of now there are 3 main tour packages, namely; the ‘Glimpse of Colombo’, the ‘Heritage of Colombo’ and ‘Colombo at Night’.
  • The ‘Glimpse of Colombo’ operates twice a day, Monday to Friday and takes you through a number of historic sites, along with other great features of the city.
  • Such sites include the Colombo Lighthouse, The Prison Cell of the last Sri Lankan King, the iconic clock tower, Galle Face Green, York Street that sports symbolic British colonial buildings, Slave Island, the scenic Beira Lake, the War Memorial, Public Library, the National Museum, Nelum Pokuna Theatre, Vihara Mahadevi Park and Colombo Town Hall to name a few of the prominent stopovers.
  • The ‘Heritage of Colombo’ tour package is a much more detailed and longer tour, adding in further places of interest such as the Bandaranaike Memorial international Conference Hall (BMICH), Replica of Aukana Buddha Statue, the picturesque market of Diyatha Uyana and the landscaped gardens right next to the banks of Diyawanna Oya.
  • The ‘Colombo at Night’ package is much the same, however, due to it being conducted at a later on the weekends, to affords a completely different experience, as the city gears up to enjoy time off from a week of fast paced work life.
  • Every package showcases a different part of Colombo’s urban life, making every tour a unique experience.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The sightseeing service operates all throughout the year at specific certain times.
  • The ‘Glimpse of Colombo’ tour package operates from Monday to Friday, offering 2 time slots to and takes about two and a half hours each.
  • Such times are 9.00am to 11.30am and 3.30pm to 6.00pm. Do note though that charges differ for each session, as the morning session costs USD 20, while the evening session costs USD 25 for adults. Ticket prices for children cost USD 12 for both sessions.
  • The ‘Heritage of Colombo’ tour package operates every Saturday and Sunday from 8.30am to 12.00pm and would cost USD 30 for adults, while USD 15 will be charged for children.
  • Similarly, the ‘Colombo at Night’ tour package operates every Saturday and Sunday, however, it differs in time as it begins at 4.00pm and ends at 7.00pm.
  • Keep in mind that each tour starts and ends at the Kingsbury Hotel.
  • All tour packages include live commentary by professional English guides, snacks, water, tickets and entrance fees for all the attractions.
  • It is important to keep in mind that certain places of interest in Colombo, namely museums might charge a nominal fee for video and camera usage.
  • Do note that the usual itinerary may change without prior notice, due to unavoidable circumstances.

In conclusion, the Colombo City Tour certainly proves to be a ‘one of a kind’ city tour in Sri Lanka that allows you to view and understand the commercial capital’s unique urban culture, along with its historical monuments and exquisite natural features.

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