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Presently, Colombo’s urban lifestyle is undergoing a fitness revolution where even the busiest folk engage in strenuous physical exercise, so as to keep healthy. Amongst the fitness revolution is the running scene, which has grown exponentially in the past few years, so much so that a community of runners meet up and organize city runs, park runs and even speed workouts for athletes on all levels. This community known as Colombo City Running, or CCR for short, has become the premier running community in Colombo for any and all running enthusiasts to challenge themselves or just maintain healthy fitness levels.

Best Known For

  • Although considered to be a professional sports group in Colombo, it really does serve to be a sports group for even the novice athletes still looking to find their form. In other words, it is a group for any fitness enthusiast.
  • One of the most notable features of the running community is the well-organized long runs that generally start early in the morning of every Sunday at the Independence Memorial Hall and would go on till the Colombo Harbour.
  • Along with the long runs, the community’s more seasoned runners also organize weekly speed workouts to improve on timings and overall health and wellness.
  • The highlighting feature of the community is the hosting of the city run that spans 5-kilometers and is timed so as to evaluate the improvements in timings of the runners.
  • Apart from organizing its own events, CCR members also train and participate for many international running events like the LSR Colombo Marathon and the Penang Bridge Marathon to name but two.

Interesting Facts

  • CCR is actually the brainchild of a single individual, Omar Alif, who was driven by the benefits of being a frequent runner and an IRONMAN athlete.
  • After building a small successful community that shared his passion for running and healthy living, mainly comprising of his friends, word spread out. Thus resulting in a membership of presently more than 340 runners from all over the world, ranging from elite level marathon runners to the novice runners who are still finding their feet.
  • Many of the members often train and participate representing the community in international running events as well, such as the London Marathon, the Boston Marathon and the Singapore Marathon to name but a few.
  • While sharing the passion for running, many members also organize some great running and social events too, in order to create a platform for fellowship and healthy competition.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The training schedules vary depending on the upcoming running events, however, some schedules stay pretty much the same all year round.
  • These schedules are generally the Sunday long runs and Wednesday speed sessions.
  • The Sunday long runs are runs that would be 10+ kilometers around a predetermined route and would normally begin at the Independence Memorial Hall at 5.30am.
  • The Wednesday speed sessions normally commence at 5.00am, at the Viharamahadevi Park. These sessions are aimed at increasing speed in long distance races.
  • If you just want to take part in some competitive racing, CCR organises a timed 5-kilometre race around the Independence Square at 6.00am on the last Sunday of every month. So if you are looking to see where you stand in more competitive runs then do drop by the Independence Memorial Hall on the mentioned day.
  • There are also extra sessions that are normally put together by the seasoned runners and is generally communicated to the public via their Facebook page, especially during the LSR Colombo Marathon.
  • If you want more details about the routes and workout sessions, do visit their Facebook page, which is updated frequently.

All in all, CCR is the ideal community to share your passion of a healthy and fit lifestyle, since it is community for all fitness enthusiasts regardless of fitness level, age or even where you reside. If you have the passion then join the run.

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