Colombo Archery Centre

Archery, being one of the oldest sports in the modern Olympic Games, it has become one of the more popular sports that is loved by many a sports enthuse around the world. The Colombo Archery Centre is an example of the growing popularity of archery in Sri Lanka. Ever since the archery centre’s inception, it has become popular among young and old looking to relax or for competition.

Best Known For

  • The Colombo Archery Centre is famed for being the only internationally accredited archery training centre in South Asia, thus resulting in producing some of the finest marksman in the country that compete in major international competitions.
  • However, the archery centre caters to even the novice archer, as it provides courses for recreational archers as well as quality equipment, making for the ideal launching pad to become the perfect marksman.

Interesting Facts

  • The Colombo Archery Centre has its beginnings in 2008 with the sole intention of promoting the sport of archery in Sri Lanka.
  • Ever since its inception, the centre has become one of the foremost archery schools in the country, training more than 1,000 archers, many of them representing the country in international competitions.
  • Due to its high standards, it is the only internationally accredited archery training centre in South Asia.
  • Due to the growing popularity of the sport in the country, many have flocked to the centre to grasp the technical sport.
  • As a result, the centre provides a number of archery programmes, along with necessary equipment for purchase or for rent for the recreational marksman.
  • Should you be looking to take it up a notch, the centre provides courses for the budding Olympian, under the direction of internationally certified coaches.
  • Coupled with the flexible class hours that can be customised for your convenience, it is a comprehensive centre to hone the skill of archery.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The Colombo Archery Centre is open daily from 8:00am to 6:00pm.
  • Do keep in mind that there are courses for the amateur and the professional, therefore it is best to schedule a free try out by calling beforehand, in order to determine your level of skill.
  • Do not possess the sports equipment required? The Archery Centre has equipment available for purchase or rent, making it all the more convenient.
  • Charges for particular courses depend on your skill level.
  • The Colombo Archery Centre does offer promotional discounts on registrations and classes at various times during the year. Make sure to make the most of these offers.

Should you be looking to veer off from the mundane of everyday life; looking for an unorthodox avenue of recreation or looking to become the perfect marksman, the Colombo Archery Centre certainly does meet all the above criteria for achieving those targets.

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