Ceylon Motor Yacht Club

The Ceylon Motor Yacht Club located in Moratuwa is, arguably, considered to be the epitome of sailing in Sri Lanka often hosting many local and international sailing events of various classes. Its convenient location overlooking the Lake Bolgoda has proven to be the ideal playground for the novice and expert sailor too.

Best Known For

Sports and recreation:

  • The convenient location allows the club to host sailing events of different classes, thus allowing a wide range of sailing enthusiasts to indulge in some friendly competitions between one another.
  • The club hosts various races every Sunday drawing in a host of competitors to put their vessel to the test, the most notable being the ‘GP14’ dinghy races.
  • More recently, motor boating hosted by the club has drawn a lot of attention due to the high speeds the boats achieve, making it a treat to watch from the clubhouse lawn as the boats zoom past.
  • It is also known for one of the longest sailing races in Sri Lanka spanning 3 days, beginning from Colombo and ending in Galle with stopovers in Bentota and Hikkaduwa.
  • It has also become a social hub to many, welcoming anyone to witness some great boat racing. The picturesque Lake Bolgoda further adds in to the great atmosphere by providing a magnificent backdrop of the majestic nature surrounding the area.

Interesting Facts

  • Its beginnings date back to 1929, however its prominence came in 1936 when the club settled down along the shores of Lake Bolgoda in Moratuwa.
  • Although portrayed as a member’s only club for the expert sailor, it welcomes sailors of all backgrounds, regardless of experience, age or gender.
  • It provides services such as the sale of second hand boats, dry berths for boats, repair and maintenance of boats and even facilities for building a boat from scratch.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The boat racing season, which normally lasts from September to March, is when the club is quite crowded. However, the club is opened all throughout the year for anyone interested.
  • Sundays are considered the best time to go and visit the clubhouse as the usual Sunday races provide a much more electric atmosphere.
  • Although opened to anyone, it is a club built by the members for the members. Thus resulting in any guest to be signed in by a member of the club after paying a nominal fee. It is best to contact the club before getting there to save the trouble of requesting a member to admit you.
  • Visitors can take part in certain races, provided the rules of the race allow it.

Overall, the Ceylon Motor Yacht Club, with its ideal location, illustrious history of operation and hosting of many fun filled races, justifies itself as the premier yacht club for the sailing enthusiast and nature seeker alike.

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Sports and Recreation

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