Similar to backpacking, caravanning in Sri Lanka has become quite a popular way of getting a hands on experience of what the Paradise Island of Sri Lanka has to offer. Providing the freedom to experience the diverse landscapes of the island without leaving behind the creature comforts of your abode, caravanning in the country allows you to keep the sense of home, yet on wheels.

Due to the country’s great outdoors, coupled with the varying scapes and amazing people, many travellers prefer an abode on wheels so as to witness all of Sri Lanka’s offerings, in her entirety, as opposed to being confined to a static abode. Thus the reason as to why the country possesses a number of camping and caravan parks dotted across its scapes.

Spanning across the southern coast to the hill country and across the Cultural Triangle to the emerging north, Sri Lanka has a number of places with the necessary caravanning and camping facilities, perfect for the entire family to enjoy.

Interesting Facts

  • Caravanning in Sri Lanka is a relatively new way of travelling around the island, however, it is an increasingly demanding way of traversing through the varying scapes of the country.
  • Sri Lanka has a number of dedicated caravan and camp sites, the most popular being the sites in Anuradhapura, Kandy, Yala, Mannar, Sigiriya and Wilpattu.
  • Sites such as in Tangalle and Nuwara Eliya still entice, as all these parks possess the necessary facilities like parking areas, separate washrooms, water lines, chemical toilet dumps and electricity connections.
  • Should you be looking for more adventure, you could venture out into other parts of the country, however, they might not possess certain basic facilities. Thus allowing you to experience the countryside.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • Caravanning in Sri Lanka is a yearlong activity and can be enjoyed in numerous locations within the Paradise Isle.
  • Do note that certain places, such as the national wildlife parks have seasons, however, they do vary, thus it is important to research beforehand.
  • It is best to hire a caravan before you arrive in the country, as it would make travel all the more easier.
  • Same goes to the reserving of caravan parks and slots, since there are only limited spaces and that can get filled up quite quickly.
  • Should you be looking to venture elsewhere, it is highly advised to be equipped and ready for any contingencies.
  • It is important to adhere to the rules and regulations of the camping sites and caravanning sites, as these sights are prime examples where man can experience nature and the great outdoors of Sri Lanka.

Should you be looking to experience the Pearl of the Indian Ocean in a unique way, caravanning around the country will certainly prove to be a way of doing it, so why not?

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