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Located at the abode of one of Sri Lanka’s famed landscape architects, Bevis Bawa (Brother of famed urban architect, Geoffrey Bawa), the Brief Garden in Beruwala is a little peaceful corner of the world where a diverse range of flora dwell alongside man. The unique garden, considered to be a Noah’s Ark of flora, is a timeless piece of landscape architecture that enthralls the traveller of today, due to the pleasing, kaleidoscopic blossoms it produces to the eye. Thus making it a must visit floral masterpiece, should you be that nature lover.

Best Known For

  • This little peaceful corner of the world, built by Bevis Bawa, is famed for being one of the few horticultural wonders of the country, as it plays host to a number of flora from around the world, making it a perfect haven for the horticulture enthusiast.
  • Coupled with the quiet and serene walkways built in a utilitarian manner by the famed landscape architect and teeming with some intriguing wildlife, the Brief Garden proves to be an ideal location for a gentle stroll around nature to forget the clutter of fast paced life of today. Therefore, making it perfect for the weary traveller too.

Interesting Facts

  • The origins of the Brief Garden goes back to the year of 1929, when his mother had left the family estate to him.
  • Initially a rubber plantation, Bevis Bawa, decided to build his abode here and completely transform the Brief Estate from a rubber estate to a horticultural one.
  • Ever since the transformation of the rubber plantation, the Brief Garden still remains to be just one of the few privately owned gardens in the country that can rival the likes of the Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens and Hakgala Botanical Gardens.
  • From entrance to exit, the Brief Garden is designed in a manner that would take you along a journey through horticultural bliss, coupled with serene peace and quietude, along with an orchestra of chirping birds, making it perfect for meditation and getting in touch with nature.
  • What accentuates the uniquely built walkways, the kaleidoscopic blooms of horticulture, along with the serene rustic feel, is the abode of the famed landscape architect that is decorated in typical Bawa style.
  • Very similar to the designs of his brother, Geoffrey Bawa, the abode of Bevis Bawa is built in a utilitarian manner, decorated with a mixture of colonial architecture and adorned in a number of sculptures and statues that express the unique style of the landscape architect.
  • One of the more intriguing facts of the home of Bevis Bawa is that it once hosted the likes of Vivian Leigh and Laurence Olivier, during the filming of ‘The Elephant Walk’ in 1953.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The exquisite private garden is open for public viewing throughout the year from 8.00am to 5.00pm. However, the best time to visit the garden is during the weekend mornings or late afternoon.
  • Although open throughout the year, the kaleidoscopic flora and fauna of the garden is best witnessed during the months from October to April, as Beruwala experiences lovely climate conditions during this time.
  • A number of flora on display in the gardens are rare species and requires great care, therefore it is imperative that you do not pluck or damage any of the plants.
  • Should you be the nature enthusiast, do bring along your camera, as the garden’s exquisite flora, along with the fauna in the form of the varyingly coloured lizards and birds provide perfect photo opportunities.

The Brief Garden, located in rural Beruwala, truly proves to be a ‘Secret Garden’ of Sri Lanka that is shrouded in flora, bursting with kaleidoscopic colour, along with peace and serenity. Thus making it perfect for the nature enthusiast and traveller.

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