Bopath Ella Falls

The Bopath Ella Falls, located in the Ratnapura District, is one of the more frequented waterfalls in the country, due to its distinctive shape of cascade. Surrounded by a great many fables and myths it also boasts of a thriving biodiversity in the form of exquisite flora and fauna, the waterfall is a treat for the everyday traveler, due to its elegant features.

Best Known For

  • Bopath Ella Falls is one of the more popular tourist destinations in the country, as it is famed for its distinctive cascade that forms a "Bo leaf” (leaf of the Sacred Fig Tree) shaped fall, making it both unique and exquisite.
  • Another lesser known feature, nevertheless a highlighting one, is its close links to a great many stories and mythical folklore of the area. Therefore, making it quite a mysterious waterfall, perfect for the curious traveller.

Interesting Facts

  • The waterfall is formed from the watercourse of the Kuru Ganga, a tributary of the Kalu Ganga and cascades from a height of 30-metres, forming a distinctive shape resembling that of a leaf of the Sacred Fig Tree (Bo leaf).
  • Due to its prime location, the water from the falls have been diverted so as to supply water for paddy cultivation to nearby areas, making it quite a crucial waterfall for the country too.
  • The waterfall provides a kaleidoscopic surrounding in the form of the many virgin forests that teem with rich biodiversity.
  • Flora such as Fig Trees and Orchids to name but 2, have known to thrive in the environment here, along with quite a diverse fauna, such as wild boars, deer, reptiles and varieties of fish too.
  • One such fable is the one in which the guardian deity of Adam’s Peak, ‘Saman’, is supposed to have appeared here in ancient times.
  • Another popular legend is the one where a pilgrim finds shelter in the abode of a local village girl.
  • They fell in love, eventually leading to the pregnancy of the village girl. The pilgrim promised that he would return, however, he never did. Overcome with grief, the girl plunged into the cold abyss of the falls ending her life.
  • At times an eerie floating blue light can be seen during dusk, leading the local villagers to claim that the falls are haunted by that very grief-stricken village girl.
  • It is also believed that the Bopath Ella Falls hides an ancient treasure trove and it is believed that it can only be found if 1000 human sacrifices are performed at the falls, making it just that more mysterious.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The waterfall in Ratnapura can be viewed daily from 9.00am to 6.00pm, however, the best time to witness the elegant cascade is during the morning hours, as you can avoid all the crowd, making it all the more easier to explore the grandeur of the falls.
  • Although it can be visited almost all throughout the year, the rainy season is deemed the best period in which to experience the waterfall, since the flow of water is at its full strength. This period generally lasts from March to December.
  • Do keep in mind that traversing through to the falls is no easy affair. This is because of the knee-high deep river you will have to cross along the pathway.
  • It is also important to keep in mind that due to the river’s vulnerability to overflow with, as a result of flash floods, entry is not always guaranteed.
  • To avoid such hassle, it is best to research on the weather condition of the area before partaking in the excursion.
  • When attempting to visit the falls, it is important to be clad appropriately, with essentials like water and snacks, as a safety measure.
  • Once you arrive at the closest viewing point, you could take a little dip at the natural pools created, however, exercise extreme caution, as the flow of water can change rapidly and result in a violent flow of water in the pool that could push you further down, making it quite dangerous.
  • As always, make sure to bring your camera along to capture the elegant cascade of water and its surrounding evergreen foliage.

In conclusion, the Bopath Ella Falls is one of the more unique and exquisite waterfalls in the country, due to the distinctive ‘Bo’ leaf cascade it forms and its thriving biodiversity. Coupled with the numerous mysteries it holds, the Bopath Ella Falls has quickly become a major site to behold to many a traveller journeying across the Paradise Island of Sri Lanka.


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