Beddagana Wetland Park

Nestled within the ‘Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte Bird Sanctuary’, a trove of tropical mysteries buzzing with an abundance of life, the ‘Beddagana Wetlands Park’ is a sight to behold. A quaint nature trail weaves its way through the cluster of overgrown shrubs and low hanging vines, offering one an experience of walking through a forest, albeit with less risks. The refreshing gust of cold air wraps around you, as you step into a beautifully done haven for nature lovers.

A raised wooden platform entwines its way through the intersected marsh, as the unfailing beauty of flora and fauna are witnessed, an unhindered route to the crux of the park’s attractions. Sneak a peek at a kingfisher dawdling by, take in the unparalleled freedom of the many bird and animal species adorning the lush expanse of marshy plains and swamp. Located close to the heart of Colombo, a highlight of Kotte’s attractions, the ‘Beddagana Wetland Park’ speaks of a blissfully tranquil atmosphere, an entrancing walk through nature.

Best Known For

A bird watcher’s paradise, the park is the calling card for many a migrant bird to take refuge under its various curtained, secret spots, during their migration season from April to August. Home to a range of endemic birds, mammals, reptiles, butterflies, dragon flies and a host of other species, the park offers leeway for natural wilderness activities to take place, across its approximate 18 hectares of stunning vista of nature.

Bearing in mind that the birds tend to be in their element in the early hours of the morning and perhaps in the evening, this gives you ample opportunity to photograph endemic species in their natural habitat. Take in scenic views, whilst you journey on down the trail, as the painstaking sounds of various birds fill the air.

Interesting Facts

  • Situated in the bustling capital of the country, ‘Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte’, the ‘Beddagana Wetlands Park' fringes the waters of the ‘Diyawanna Oya’ (a lake).
  • The park contributes to the flood management goals of the ‘Metro Colombo Urban Development Project’ (MCUDP) and showcases how a wetland could be preserved whilst promoting eco-tourism. The park also moderates the temperature of its surroundings whilst simultaneously being an educational hub of nature.
  • A bird watching tower offers sweeping views of marshy plains bedecked with colourful birds stalking their way across. Along with a number of birds such as ‘Jacana’, ‘Kirala’, ‘Whistling Teal’, ‘Purple Coots’, ‘Koel’, to name a few, the park is also home to monitor lizards, otters, etc.
  • Peel your eyes for a rare find of an animal, the fishing cat, which is probably even more rare than the leopard.
  • Interest was shown in the wetland back in 1994, when it was a roosting ground for birds, especially those which are migratory.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • Should you be after captivating stills of the birds in all their glory, make your way to the park as soon as it opens, which would be 6.00am. With the closing time being at 6.00pm, the evening would do as well, however due to the crowded nature of the park, you might not be able to capture stills properly.
  • Food and drink are not permitted inside the park. However one could leave the refreshments that they’ve brought with them at the ticket counter and visit the park, after which you could take the refreshments and have them at ‘Park School’, an area where the partaking of food and drink is permitted.
  • Disposable bottles cannot be taken inside the park but plastic bottles could.
  • With the possibility of encountering aware leeches or caterpillars high during the season, ensure that you dress appropriately or keep a lookout for them.
  • Should you have a vehicle, best park it at the parking lot which is a bit further away from the entrance.
  • With information pertaining to the species displayed at viewing points, the park brings forth an educational opportunity as well as a convenient photography experience.
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