Taking the traditional art of hand weaving to the world, Barefoot is considered to be one of the more unique and older textile shops that Sri Lanka possesses. Delve into the many intricacies of the manufacturing of traditional Sri Lankan products by browsing through the quaint stores that showcase an array of textile products and souvenirs, ranging from your everyday clothes to even books. The boutique shop really does live up to its name of being totally dependent on people, as opposed to other boutique shops that rely on mass production, thus the name ‘Barefoot’.

Best Known For

  • Barefoot is famed for producing authentic Sri Lankan textile products by master craftsmen, using the finest hand - woven fabrics. Such notable products being the extensive linen collection and clothes.
  • More recently, the brand has also become renowned for producing some interesting toys and other crafts to spruce up your dwelling, including some soft furnishings.
  • A lesser known feature that is quite prominent in the main branch, located in Colombo 3, is the bookstore. Housing a number of local books that talk of the exquisite beauty of Sri Lanka, along with other helpful titles, it really serves to be an all in one Sri Lankan store.

Interesting Facts

  • Barefoot was the brainchild of Barbara Sansoni, who was an ace with the paintbrush.
  • With the suggestion of a close family friend, Mother Good Counsel of the Sisters of the Order of the Good Shepherd, Barbara grew ever so interested in the dying art of hand weaving.
  • It was this interest that drove the entrepreneur to preserve the fading art, by giving the opportunity to craftsmen to bring forth the product to a world stage and recognise its importance.
  • This resulted in Barefoot being established in 1964, along with five weaving centres in the rural areas of the country.
  • Barefoot uses the inspiration of land and seascapes, earth, plants and animals of Sri Lankan origin in abstract geometry, with vivid colour, to produce beautiful and useful textiles.
  • Presently, Barefoot showcases an extensive range of fabrics, linen products, clothes, bags, toys, household crafts and even books.
  • Barefoot also possesses a unique art gallery at the back of their main branch in Colombo 3, showcasing great pieces of art produced by famous artists and the up and coming.
  • Just next to the gallery is the Garden Café that has a very soothing feel about it due to its open air layout, along with some lip smacking dishes.
  • After a browse through the store, do participate for the Colombo Pub Quiz that is held every Wednesday night to test your knowledge.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The stores are open daily, however, operate at varying times, so it is best to research on the closest store to you.
  • Credit and debit cards are widely accepted, so it makes transactions all the more easier.
  • The prices that are quoted may sound quite hefty at first, however, a closer look into the quality and manufacturing process, along with the charitable causes the proceedings go to, it really is worth all the money spent.

In conclusion, Barefoot serves to be one of the older and also unique textile stores in the country that operate under a very people centred policy. Coupled with the high quality products on display, there really is no substitute.

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Barefoot - Galle Fort

Barefoot - Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct



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