Bally’s Casino

Dubbed as one of the oldest and largest luxury casinos in Sri Lanka, Bally’s Casino is a treasure trove for the high roller and the more modest gambler. Boasting of a number of popular casino games, along with daily music performances and other entertainment items, coupled with a great hotel and spa to relax in after a night at the tables, Bally’s Casino is still the place to be when you feel lucky.

Best Known For

  • Many flock to Bally’s Casino due to the number of casino games that range from the famous ones like roulette to the more unusual ones like sic bo.
  • What makes this casino rocking is the never ending entertainment on offer that range from Western traditions to Eastern traditions, be it European dancing, pole dancing, rain dancing, belly dancing and even traditional Sri Lankan dancing to name but a few.
  • The casino is also famed for putting together some great draws like the Bally’s Baccarat Winners draw or ‘BBW draw’ for short, that enable almost any patron to enter and hit it big.

Interesting Facts

  • The famed casino has been in operation since 1995 and has always operated with the intention of providing the opportunity for all patrons regardless of their financial background.
  • Games such as roulette and baccarat have been a popular game for many a patron due to the low starting stakes that go as low as LKR 100 and can go up to millions.
  • Even the slot machines that are present by the number have been set up in such a way that just LKR 1 can make you a winner.
  • Bally’s Casino organises some pretty interesting theme nights too with some interesting shows thrown in for added effect, other than the usual dancing and musical performances.
  • Such shows that have gained popularity amongst the patrons are the fashion shows and bodybuilding shows, further showcasing the diverse entertainment it provides to the patron.
  • You will also be able to enjoy some great complementary good and beverages of your choice when playing, which makes your time even more memorable.
  • If you cannot get enough of the place, you could check in for a couple of days at the quaint hotel and spa too.
  • What makes it quite the casino in Colombo is the central location, which enables anyone to visit the major places of interest in the city.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • Bally’s Casino is open 24/7 throughout the year, except for full moon days (Poya days).
  • If you want some privacy when playing or have a little powwow with your friends, you can reserve a VIP table or booth by calling them beforehand.
  • Do not worry about the security of your winnings as there is ample security detailing in the form of uniformed and plainclothes guards to weed out undesirables.

All in all, Bally’s Casino has been the hub for entertainment and high stakes gaming for more than a decade and continues to be so even today, justifying the fact that the casino serves to be the perfect place to try your luck and hit it big and be entertained by dazzling shows of dances and musical performances at the same time.

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