Adisham Hall

The Tudor- styled building of Adisham Hall is regarded as one the few well preserved colonial gems in the country with its tranquil environment surrounded by the misty mountains and diverse flora and fauna. The country house near Haputale initially served as a residence to the aristocrat and planter, Sir Thomas Villiers, however, was later transformed to a monastery that contains a relic of St. Sylvester (Chip of a bone).

Best Known For

Nature and Outdoors:

  • The country house is best known for its architecture since it is considered the only colonial structure to be inspired by the Tudor and Jacobean era of England.
  • The misty hills along with the abundance of colourful and diverse flora and fauna adds to the serenity, giving one a surreal view of the distant mountains.
  • Now serving, mainly, as a monastery run by Benedictine monks, it holds a sacred relic of Pope Sylvester I (314 - 335 CE) further adding a religious significance to the old structure.
  • More recently, Adisham Hall has made a name for itself by producing and selling all natural products such as jams, cordials and jellies.

Interesting Facts

  • Adisham Hall was built in 1931 and styled to look like a Tudor era building, along the lines of Leeds castle in Kent by Sir Thomas Villiers who was a descendant of the Dukes of Bedford.
  • The country house played host to many of the elite in in the country during the colonial days until the retirement of Sir Thomas.
  • His retirement meant the selling of the Tudor styled country house to Sedawatte Mills in 1949. It was eventually sold to the Roman Catholic Church of Sri Lanka in 1961.
  • The house was transformed to a monastery that also enshrines the relic of St. Sylvester.
  • Although it is no longer a country house, it is still used for lodging by a few travelers, while others attend the holy services.
  • Today, Adisham Hall is one of only 18 monasteries in the world belonging to the Sylvestrine Congregation, a suborder of the Benedictine fraternity founded in the 13th century.

Times, Seasons and Tips

  • The months of March and April are considered the best time to visit during the year as the weather is calm and clear, which enables one to witness the splendour of the distant mountains and its lush greenery.
  • Adisham Hall is opened from 9:00am - 4:30pm only during the weekends, public holidays and school holidays (excluding Good Friday and Christmas Day) and would cost LKR 150 to enter.
  • It is important to dress appropriately as it is a place of worship.
  • Spending the night at the Adisham Hall would cost LKR 3,000 for adults and LKR 1,500 for children (meals included). However, it is best to make a reservation through the phone at least 3 weeks prior to avoid any disappointments.

All in all, the exquisite views of the mountain, the cozy environment and the architectural splendour has all the makings to be the perfect home away from home.

Title image by: Jehan Gamalathge The information displayed is provided by Adisham Hall




Business Hours

09.00am - 04.30pm, Public holidays

09.00am - 04.30pm, Sunday

09.00am - 04.30pm, Saturday


Local Adults
LKR 50
Foreign Adults
LKR 150
Local Children
LKR 25
Foreign Children
LKR 75


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